Written by Bill Hays March 29, 2020

As the sun rises this morning, we are beginning our third week of meeting with our families instead of at the church building to worship the Lord. During this time, please remember to continue to reach out to our extended family and keep them close, so that we can continue to meet their needs.

If you should need communion supplies, Please contact either Philip Sanders or Linda Loukinas. If you need prayers or something more Physical, please let either Charles Lee or Bill Hays know.

Even though we are not meeting at the building, our ministry continues. All gifts, whether they be of time, effort or money are appreciated. Should you be able to give of money, you can contribute by mailing or by clicking on the above .

Today, we worship with the Concord road church of Christ in Brentwood, TN. Click on the link below, then click play

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