To promote the knowledge of God
by thoughtful consideration of His word...

Special Series:

Evidences for Our Faith - 

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Recent Audio Sermons

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After Life


False Prophets

Resting in God's Forgiveness

Hardened Hearts

Leaders in the Church

Predestined Individually


Predestined in Christ

The Church of the New Covenant

How to Save an Atheist

Can't See the Trees for the Forest

Christ Lives in Me

Qualities of Elders

Mature Body of Christ

He Gave Gifts to Men

Oneness in the Body

Elders of the church

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The Book of James

Welcome to our Fall 2019 Adult Study: The Book of James

You are Invited to 
Join our group discussion at our meeting place

Marana, AZ each Sunday morning at 9:30.

Gifts in the church:
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The 'Speedy Service' of Leadership: The Gift of Leading

The Lord gives us those who share: The Gift of Giving

Encouraging us to walk in God's Way: The Gift of Exhortation

Instruction in applied truth: The Gift of Teaching

The backstage heroes of the Kingdom: The Gift of Service

Proclaiming the Word of the Lord: The Gift of Prophecy

Each Member Contributing its Part: A Gifted Body

How we respond to the Mercies of God: Divine Service.

Living organisms must Grow OR Die: A Growing Church.

Fruit of the Spirit

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Epilogue: Freedom in the Spirit

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