To promote the knowledge of God
by thoughtful consideration of His word...

Sermon Series on the Fruit of the Spirit

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The Spirit's Fruit: LOVE
The Spirit's Fruit: JOY
The Spirit's Fruit: PEACE
The Spirit's Fruit: PATIENCE
The Spirit's Fruit: KINDNESS
The Spirit's Fruit: GOODNESS
The Spirit's Fruit: FAITHFULNESS
The Spirit's Fruit: GENTLENESS
The Spirit's Fruit: SELF-CONTROL

The Authority of Christ in His Church

Our 3nd Quarter 2018 Adult Study 
will focus on the power of Jesus to direct His people today.
How do we understand His will for our lives and service?

Selected recordings of this class can be found under the Resources tab - Audible Lesson - A Study on Authority.

You are Invited to Join our group discussion in Marana, AZ each Sunday morning at 9:30.

Sermon Series on the Works of the Flesh
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Drunkenness & Partying - Flesh5
Division - Flesh4
Divisive Mind - Flesh3
Idolatry and Sorcery - Flesh2
Sexual Sins - Flesh1
What IS the Flesh?

Sermon Series on The Holy Spirit

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The Person of the Holy Spirit

The Deity of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit in the Life of Jesus

The Spirit of Truth

Measures of the Spirit

The Spirit and Miracles

Holy Spirit Baptism

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Sanctified by the Spirit

The Indwelling Spirit

Worship in the Holy Spirit

Walk in the Spirit

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