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Topical Series:
Beyond Culture War - The spiritual war among us 
The Bible is God's Word - Good reasons for believing in the message of the Bible
Blind Spots - Are there things we are not seeing?  Shed the light of God's on everything. 
Building Faith - Presenting good reasons for believing
Building a God-Centered Home - Is your home what it should be? 
Creation - Upholding the Bible's teachings about the creation of the world 
The Day of Pentecost - The events and the message of Pentecost 
Descriptions of Jesus - A summary of some descriptions of Jesus in three categories   
Difficult Times Will Come - Preaching the gospel in the modern culture 
Fighting the Good Fight - We are under attack.  It is time to fight back!
The Fullness of Joy - A series based on Psalm 16:11
Godliness is Profitable - The advantages of practicing godliness in this life and the life to come
A Higher Standard - "We are convinced of better things concerning you, and things that accompany salvation" (Heb. 6:9)
Holy, Holy, Holy - A series on Deity 
Humanism: The Invisible Religion Among Us - Opening our eyes to the effects of humanism
Is Thy Heart Right With God? - Are you wholly committed to Christ? 
The Kingdom of God - What it is, how it was established, and how we get into it 
Miracles of Jesus - Taking lessons from the signs, wonders, and miracles of the Lord 
Money Matters
- Godly ways of handling money
The Promises to Abraham - A brief study of an essential part of God's plan for man
Our Relationships with One Another - Attitudes and actions that every Christian needs toward one another
Prescriptions for a Healthy Church - Essential elements for a local church to reach its potential 
Ready to Make a Defense
- Answering charges made against the churches of Christ
The Ten Commandments - Modern applications of the ancient commandments
That Final Week- A study of the final week leading up to Christ's crucifixion
Three Things - A short series featuring passages that commend three vital things
We Wish to See Jesus - Seeing Jesus as He truly is through the Scriptures
What Can I Do? - Every Christian has work to do for the Lord
Who am I? - Are you the right person to accomplish God's will? 
Textual Series:
Parables - Jesus teaches spiritual truth by using earthly illustrations. 
Proverbs' Top Ten - Topical study from Proverbs  
They Reap the Whirlwind - A series on the book of Hosea
Preaching Through Romans - Practical Lessons from Romans 
Victory Through Submission and Suffering - A series on the book of 1Peter 
Be on Your Guard - A series on the book of 2Peter 
Revealing Revelation - A series on the book of Revelation   
Abel Speaks 
Abide In Me 
Abraham Saw the Day of Christ 
Abstain From Sexual Immorality 
Abundant Life 
Act Like Men
Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, and Division   
All Scripture is Inspired by God 
"All We Can Do is Pray" 
Angels, the Ministering Spirits 
The Anger of Moses
Another Jesus, a Different Spirit, a Different Gospel  
Answering the JWs
Anticipating the Lord's Return
Are They for Jesus?
Are We the New Cretans? 
Are You a Gaius or a Diotrephes?
Are You an Imitator or an Actor? 
Are You Hungry? 
Are You Listening? 
Are You Serious?  
Are You Strange?
Arguments Atheists Cannot Answer 
Arguments Over Baptism
Arguments that Fail  
The Ascension of Jesus 
At Least 
At the Right Hand of God 
The Author of Our Salvation   
The Authority of Christ
Avoiding Temptation
Back to the Cross  
A Bad Man's Good Example 
Baptism is the Work of God 
Baptism Now Saves You 
Be at Peace With All Men 
Before the Foundation of the World
Behold, the Lamb of God 
Benevolence for Christians and the Church
Better Than Sacrifice 
Better Things Concerning You 
Beware of the Dogs
The Bible Speaks on Divorce 
Bless the Lord, O My Soul - Psalm 103 
By What Authority? 
By What Authority? 
Called Out 
Calling All Sinners 
Calling on the Name of the Lord 
The Character of New Testament Preaching
Cheerful Givers - Shall We Tithe?
Christian Character #1 
Christian Character #2 
Christians and Alcohol
Christians Facing Death 
Christ's Love for the Church 
The Church as God Sees It 
Church Discipline 
Comfort and Courage in Hard Times
The Commandment of Love 
The Confluence of Religion and Science
Conserving Worship
Consider Your Calling 
Controversy About the Lord's Supper
The Conversion of Lydia
Counselling by the Word of God
The Country Preacher  
A Covenant with My Eyes  
The Dangerous Sin of Hypocrisy
David and the Census  
David and the Two Fools
David Versus Goliath
David's Other Great Sin 
David's Sin in His Own Words
The Death of James 
The Death of John the Baptist
The Disciples Were First Called Christians
Distorting the Scriptures  
Do I Have To? 
Do Me a Favor 
Do Not Stand in the Counsel of the Wicked 
Do Not Throw Away Your Confidence 
Do We Have a Sinful Nature? 
"Do You Love Me?"   
Do You Really Want Heaven?
Don't Be Taken Captive
Don't Despise the Small Things  
The Doctrine of Salvation
Effective Evangelism
The Effective Prayer of a Righteous Man 
Elders of the Church
Elijah, the Man of God
Envy and Covetousness 
"Esau I Hated" 
An Eternal Sermon
Every Knee Shall Bow  
Evolution Weekend 2019
An Example of Personal Evangelism
The Excellent Way of Love
Excuses for Refusing the Lord's Invitation  
The Experts, the Majority, and the Lord
An Extreme Makeover
The Fall of Nineveh 
False Confidence 
False Security
The Famous Name of Boaz 
Fatherhood Failures
A Few Lessons from Job
Figures for the Church from Ephesians, Part 1
Figures for the Church from Ephesians, Part 2
For This Purpose I Came to This Hour 
Four Ways to Salvation
Freedom and Self-Control  
Friendship With God
Fruits in Keeping with Repentance  
The Garments of Joseph 
A Generation who did not Know the Lord 
Genuine Humility
Get Control of Yourself  
Gideon, the Valiant Warrior   
Give Us a King 
Giving Our Best to God

Go Back to Shiloh 
The Goal and the Prize
The Goal of Our Instruction 
God Holds the Future in His Hands
God Knows You; Seek to Know Him
The God of the Living 
God's Patience, Our Patience 
God's Purposes
God's Word is Settled in Heaven
The Golden Rule 
The Good Old Days 
The Good Samaritan
The Good Shepherd
Governing Authorities  
Great is the Mystery of Godliness 
The Grief of God
Grow Up 
Handling Accurately the Word of Truth 
The Handwriting on the Wall
Hating Evil
Have a Good Day 
Have Jesus and Have It All 
Have Mercy on Some 
Have You Not Read? 
Hearing, But Not Listening  
He Began to Curse and Swear
He Bore It All
He Causes It to Happen 
The Healing of a Blind Man
Hell is Real
"Here am I.  Send Me!"
"Here is your God!" 
The Heritage of Jonadab 
Hidden Gems about Marriage 
His Hour
His Name Will Be Called...
The Holy Spirit's Work Today 
A Home in Heaven
Hope Does Not Disappoint 
Hope of the Hopeless
A House Divided 
How is Your Relationship with Christ?
How Jesus Taught the Woman at the Well  
How to Be an Effective Soul Winner
How to Study the Bible
How Will the Church Survive?
I am a Christian
"I am the Bread of Life"
"I Doubt It!"
I Have Been Crucified with Christ"
I Have Been Redeemed 
I Know Whom I Have Believed 
I Thought
I Will Not Be Mastered By Anything  
If Anyone Sins
"If I Be Lifted Up"
If You are the Son of God 
If We Confess Our Sins 
Ignorance, Doubts, and Secrets 
Imitators of Christ 
Improving the Local Church
In Christ 
In Everything Give Thanks 
In the Beginning
In the Last Days  
In the Name of the Lord
The Indestructible Word of God  
The Indwelling Spirit
Influencing the World
Is Salvation By Faith Only? 
Is the Bible Still Relevant?
Is the Church Like Martha or Mary?
Is the Church of Christ a Denomination?  
It is Better - Part 1 
It is Better - Part 2 
It is Hard to Kick against the Goads
James, the Brother of Jesus 
Jealous for the Lord
The Jerusalem Meeting of Acts 15 
Jesus, a Friend of Sinners 
Jesus and the Man Possessed of Demons
Jesus Became Poor that You Might Become Rich  
Jesus Cleanses the Temple
Jesus Emptied Himself  
Jesus Walked on the Water  
John's Gospel
The Last Will and Testament of the Apostle Paul
Lead Us Not Into Temptation  
The Leadership of Nehemiah 
Learn What This Means 
Learning Obedience 
Lessons from a False Alarm 
Lessons From Conflict
Lessons from the Demons  
Lessons From Ezekiel 33 
Lest We Drift Away
Let All Things Be Done for Edification
Let Go of Your Sins  
Let Your Mind Dwell on These Things 
Light the Fire  
Like the Face of an Angel  
Listen to the Voice of the Lord Our God 
The Lord is with Us; Do Not Fear 
The Lord's Bond-servant
The Lord's Day
The Lord's Memorial
The Lord's Prayer  
Love Never Fails 
The Love of God: His Love For Us
The Love of God: Our Love For Him 
Mary, Blessed Mother of Jesus
Mary Chose the Good Part 
Mary Magdalene 
May I Have Your Attention, Please? 
The Meaning of the Lord's Supper 
Melchizedek, King of Righteousness and Peace 
Membership and Fellowship
Membership in the Church of Chirst
Moses Wrote of Jesus  
The Mourning of David 
Much Shall Be Required
Music in the Church  
Nadab and Abihu 
The Name of God
Nations Who Forget God 
Nebuchadnezzar Praised the King of Heaven 
A New Body
Noah, a Preacher of Righteousness
Noah was Saved through Faith
Noah was Saved by Grace

None of These in Heaven
Not Even in Israel 
Not Forsaking Our Own Assembling Together 
Nothing To Be Proud Of 
"O Absalom!" 
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem 
O Lord, Come! 
O Lord, How Many are Thy Works - Psalm 104 
Old People in the Church
The Old Testament for Dummies
Once For All  
The One Who Loves Violence   
The Only Necessity
Open Mind, Open Bible 
Our God is Able
Our Influence on One Another 
Our Struggle 
Overcoming Addiction
Overcoming Disappointment 
Overcoming Lust 
Own Your Faith 
The Panoply of God 
Parables of Lost Things 
The Parable of the Vineyard 
Peter Stood Condemned 
Peter Takes Up His Cross
Peter's Failures and Successes 
Pharisees and Sadducees: Two Type of Denominations 
Philip the Evangelist 
The Poison Pill of Pride 
Pontius Pilate
Praise Him, Sun and Moon 
Pray for All who are in Authority
Preach the Word 
Preaching the Truth
Precious Memories 
The Preeminence of Christ 
Premillennialism - Part I: Zionism
Premillennialism - Part II: 1,000 Year Reign
Pressing On
The Prince of Peace With a Sword
Proofs from Christ's Resurrection  
The Prosperity Gospel
Protect the Peace  
A Proverbs 31 Man
Psalm 116 
Pure in Heart
Purity: All or Nothing  
Put on the Full Armor of God 
Raising Our Spiritual Awareness
Rejoice that Your Names are Recorded in Heaven 
The Religion of Islam
Remember Me 
Remember Jesus Christ 
Remember the Prisoners 
Remember These
Remembering Sodom 
Reminders from Titus 3:1-11
Renewing of Your Mind
The Resurrection of Christ
The Resurrection of Jesus
The Resurrection of Lazarus
The Rich Young Ruler 
Righteous Lot's Bad Choice  
Righteousness Exalts a Nation 
Rivers of Living Water
Robbing God  
A Rock of Offense
Run With Endurance
The Same Mind and the Same Judgment 
Sarah was a Beautiful Woman 
Saturated With Alcohol
Saul the Persecutor
The Secret Disciples 
Seeking God's Favor 
Sending Women to War 
Servants and Stewards 
Set Your House in Order 
Seven Churches, Seven Lessons
The Seven Ones 
Should Women Wear a Covering? 
Shrewd as Serpents, Innocent as Doves 
The Sign of the Covenant
Silence is Golden
Simon the Magician 
The Sins of Manasseh 
Sins of the Tongue
Slipping Through the Cracks
Speaking Biblically About Abortion
So What?  The Problem of Indifference
Softening Your Heart
Soldiers of Christ  
Tabitha, Arise   
A Tale of Two Judgments  
A Tale of Two Trees
Tents and Houses
That's Unfair! 
Their Folly will be Obvious to All 
There is an Appointed Time 
There Was No King Like Josiah
Things We Used to Know
Things Which are Fitting for Sound Doctrine
This Grace in which We Stand
A Time to Be Silent and a Time to Speak  
Titus: Sound Doctrine, Sound Behavior
To Be Known by God 
To Fulfill All Righteousness
To Sin or Not to Sin
To Whom Will You Liken God?
The Trial of Abraham
True Worshipers  
Trust in God 
Trusting God 
Truth About Death
The Truth About Gambling
The Truth About Heaven and Hell
The Two Debtors
Two Things I Asked of Thee 
Unconfined Religion
Under the Fig Tree
Uniting a Family in Faith
The Unity of Christ and His Church
The Unity of the Church
Using the Church's Money 
The Value of Forgiveness 
The Virgin Shall Be With Child 
Wait Until the Lord Comes
Walking in the Light 
The Way of Abel and the Way of Cain
What Are You Thinking? 
What Did Jesus Do?  
What Difference Does It Make?
What I Do Have I Give  
What is Going On?
What Must I Do to be Saved? 
What People Think of You 
What Shall I Wear? 
When I am Weak, Then I am Strong
When I Became a Man 
When Jesus Died
When You Have Been Hurt 
Where Are They Now?
Who is a Legalist? 
Who is Jesus? 
Who is the Antichrist? 
Who is Satan? 
Who is the Holy Spirit?
The Whole Purpose of God
Why Are You Angry?  
Why Do We Assemble?
Why Don't We Use Musical Instruments in Worship? - Part 1
Why Don't We Use Musical Instruments in Worship? - Part 2
Wisdom Versus Wisdom 
Witchcraft and Wicca 
Without God 
Withstanding the Pressure 
With All Boldness
Witnesses of Jesus  
The Woman Caught in Adultery
Women Professing Godliness
The Word Implanted 
The Word of God  
The Words of Mary 
The Work of Benevolence
The Work of the Church - Part 1 
The Work of the Church - Part 2 
Work Out Your Own Salvation
The World Was Not Worthy 
Worse Than Sodom  
The Worth of Life 
A Worthy Manner 
The Wounds of a Friend 
The Wrong Side of History  
You are Doing Just as Your Fathers Did 
You Don't Have Time for These 
You Have Left Your First Love 
You Have Need of Endurance 
You Ought to be Teachers
You Shall Receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit 
Young People in the Church
Young People Working for the Lord
Your Sanctification
Zeal and Knowledge



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