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There are $ome thing$ that money cannot buy

The Masters Card

There are some thing$ money canít buy, for everything el$e thereí$ Ma$ter card


Iím sure youíve all received their applications in the mail. However, Iím here to advertise a different card. You see, my life is a product for others to see. Iím a card carrying representative for The Masterís Card. Thatís right, The Masterís Card.

          Let me tell you about it. There are no finance charges, no payments due. My bill has already been coveredÖitís a prepaid deal. I couldnít afford the price, so Jesus stepped in and paid it for me. My Name is written on the card for all to see. It is accessible twenty-four hours a day from anywhere in the world.

          The Masterís Card has so many benefits itís hard to list them all. Let me share some of them with youÖyou might want to apply for a personal card yourself. Just for starters there is unlimited grace.

          Thatís right, there is no preset limit to the amount of grace you receive from The Masterís Card. Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Then, look no farther than The Masterís Card.  It offers the greatest rate on love that has ever been offered.

          The Masterís Card gives you access to many ďmembers onlyĒ benefits. Want real joy despite the difficulties of life? Apply for The Masterís Card. Want a lasting peace? Apply for The Masterís Card. Looking for something you can alway


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