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Just How Dangerous Is Error?

Just How Dangerous Is Error?
 Jimmy Mathews
Antioch church of Christ

Can we safely say that religious error exists? Is there such a thing as "absolute wrong" when it comes to religion? Man-made churches all treat each other with "kid gloves" when it comes to their particular doctrines. The polite gesture is, "You practice and teach what you believe, and we'll do the same. And we'll all get along, focusing on what we have in common, and ignoring where we differ." This is subtle, and extremely dangerous!!

The Lord did not come to earth, suffer, and give His very life's blood so that the men He wanted to save could establish their own religious groups, many of which teach doctrines that are diametrically opposed to each other. Some churches teach inherited sin; others do not. Some churches teach the necessity of baptism; others do not. Which way is it??? If one, or both, can be proven to be religiously in error, just how dangerous would it be?

w Believing error, ("the lie" in this passage), results in condemnation for all eternity (2Thess. 2:10-12).

w The word of ungodliness, labeled "worldly and empty chatter," leads men astray from the truth, upsets the faith of others, and causes cancer within the Lord's body (2Timothy 2:16-18).

w Engaging in erroneous works, ones we think are appropriate but do not have the Lord's approval, will cause the Lord Himself to order our eternal departure from His presence (Mt. 7:21-23).

One cannot help but notice how Jesus dealt with others deemed to have been in religious error. Jesus labeled the Pharisees as "blind" and headed for the "ditch" - both they and those who followed them (Mt. 15:14).

When it comes to many things in life, being wrong doesn't carry significant consequences. We've all made bad investments, made a wrong turn, etc. Disaster in some degree may have come upon us. But, we lived through those times. However, when it comes to our most precious asset - our soul (Mk. 8:37) - we absolutely cannot afford to be wrong. Being wrong in this area is extremely dangerous for a long time...forever!


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