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Maximum Wage

Maximum Wage 

During this political season the minimum wage will not be the hot topic, but will receive some attention. We know what minimum wage is, but what is maximum wage, and what does it have to do with Christians?

Minimum Wage Christianity occurs when a Christian gives God the least amount possible of his/her life and still attempts to claim some identification and relationship with Him. Minimum wage affects how a Christian gives of his/her time and service to God. Minimum Wage Christians spend little or no time reading their Bible for instruction and encouragement, and their prayer life is active only when they need something from God. They will not commit to attend Bible classes to grow in their faith and be an encouragement to others. Their lifestyle reflects more of the world than of Jesus Christ, and they deceive themselves that they are in fellowship with God.

Maximum wage Christianity occurs when a person is baptized into Christ, Galatians 3:27, For as many of you have been baptized into Christ, have put on Christ” and surrenders all to Jesus. Their life revolves around Jesus and they commit their entire life to serving Him. These Christians live for God out of gratitude for His loving grace, and because they love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.  (
Matthew 22:37-39)  Maximum Wage Christians love to be in fellowship with God in Christ. They love Bible class.  They love to worship the God who saves them.  They strive to become like Jesus in love and holiness, and serve others out of desire — not compulsion.

There is only one way to live the Christian life – complete commitment and absolute allegiance to the One who saves us by His love, mercy and grace. Half-hearted Christianity is but to fail. The apostle Paul reinforces this in Colossians 3:4:


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