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Was Jesus a Baptist, Muslim, Jehovah's Witness, o



Was Jesus A Baptist, Muslim, Jehovah's Witness, Or What?

Religious folk always want to have Jesus on their side. By almost all religions, Jesus is recognized as being the Savior, or if not that, at least a prophet of God (i.e. Muslim). His teachings are acknowledged as being authoritative, His actions an example for us to follow. Some, to secure the approval of Jesus Christ, have gone to preposterous lengths. Rather than accept the religion, which He preached, originated and authorizes, they seek to make Him fit the mold of their own faith.

One Baptist writer penned, "Jesus walked forty five miles to be baptized by a Baptist."The Catechism reads, "Was Jesus a Baptist? Yes, Jesus was a Baptist, for He was baptized by a Baptist (Matt 3:1-15). Mary and Peter and all the other disciples were Baptists also. For the same reason John was called the Baptist, Jesus and the apostles were also Baptists. Though the true worshippers of God have been called saints, Christians, and many other names, they were Baptists because they baptized the same way as John the Baptist. (2) Again, another Baptist writer says, "By His baptism, Jesus identified Himself with the ministry of John the Baptist. He authenticated John's ministry, message and baptism. Not only was Jesus Christ, the Son of God, baptized by John the Baptist, but so were all the 12 apostles (Acts 1:21-22)."


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