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The Holocaust, Can It Happen Again?


Fifty years ago the world was in shock, having seen the pictures and heard the testimony coming out of the war crimes trials. Survivors were revealing the terror and the atrocities from the death camps of Europe. The sight of thousands of dead bodies being bulldozed into mass graves was enough to make the whole world rise up in horror. Historians called it the most horrible display of brutality ever seen.  Entire families were destroyed. Once, great nations were now reduced to abject poverty, receiving assistance from the very nations (United States, Great Britain) against which they had done such violence in warfare.

In response to these discoveries, a new motto was posted in the ruins of the death camps, stating, Never Again. These determined thoughts were written so that all could easily understand. This must never happen again! As people learned to live with the knowledge of these tragedies, attitudes gradually began to change. Some denied that these events really happened. Others rationalized, "it was just the war."

What should we make of this comment? Could the world come to the point at which another Hitler or Stalin could eliminate millions of people without any protest? Who can say what may happen? I am of the opinion that if it happened once, it could happen again. How did it happen before? As disturbing as the thought may be, it happened in part because too many good people looked away, not wanting to believe what was obviously true.

There is a solution to keep the holocaust from reoccurring, but it is a bitter pill for modernists to swallow. It is to recognize that the God of Heaven has given man a law that deals with how to treat our fellow man.  (Matthew 7:12)


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