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Devilish Discombobulations

Devilish Discombobulations


Confusion is one of the cleverest tools of the Devil. If he can get us confused on a matter he quickly gains an advantage. First of all, confusion breeds discouragement. We get quickly discouraged when we donít understand things. Second, confusion brings controversy, mainly because misunderstandings grow out of it. And thirdly, confusion breeds disunity. Itís hard to be united on something when everybodyís all mixed up.

The Devil has used confusion to retard and restrict peopleís understanding about a multitude of things. I want to discuss just a few to illustrate that fact.
Confusion about sin. Sin has been softened in this generation. In fact, you seldom see the word used. Youíll search several issues of your local paper without even seeing the word. Actually, thereís no such thing as sin to most people. Oh, they might say murderís a sin or perhaps child abuse or something like that. Cheating? Depends on whoís doing it and why


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