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A Successful Gospel Meeting


1.  Our Attitude:  Are we looking forward to it?  Do we realize the potential for good?  Are we excited about the cause of Christ?

2.  Our Attendance:  Some meetings fail because 50% of the members do not attend any service except Sunday and Wednesday.  Will we clear our schedules so we can be present at every service?

3.  Our Invitations:  Regardless of all the advertising done through printed announcements, the newspapers, and/or radio, visitors will usually attend only if personally invited by a Christian friend.  How many do we plan to invite?

4.  Our Friendliness:  Do our visitors feel welcomed and wanted in our services?  How many of us make a special effort to greet visitors and invite them to return?

5.  Our Participation:  Nothing "kills" a service so effectively as a combination of back-seat sitting, inattention during the services, and poor singing.  How simple these problems are to solve.  Will we?

6.  Our Prayers:  Are we praying for the preacher, song leader, those who need to respond?

7.  Our Encouragement:  A word of love and encouragement to one who needs to respond to Heaven's invitation means so much.  Words of appreciation to those who work in behalf of the meeting help to insure success.



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