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Message - Re: Looking for some dialouge! Posted By Richard Thomas on 7/22/2005 4:34:00 PM - Subscribe to this discussion here - Subscribe

Bro. Phillips

I really & truly admire the way you answer questions. However on this one I take a little different approach.

I notice in the Brotherhood that ALL of them take the approach of Matt. 19:9. Now when I left the Baptist Denominational Faith, I was taught that you MUST use ALL of the scriptures that are pertaining to that subject, and then draw a conclusion.

Let me pose this question!

In Matt. 6:24, Jesus states " No man can serve two masters: for either he wil hate the one, and love the other; or else he wil hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.

Question?  If a person is serving the Devil, meaning in this subject he has not obeyed the Gospel, plus he has had more than 1 marraige, are you saying that he is still under the law of God?
If so , that means that he is under both the Devil & God. According the the PRINCIPLE that is laid out by Christ, it is either one or the other.
Now I'm fully aware of the context ( Money ) but we are talking about the PRINCIPLE.

We use the PRINCIPLES of Proverbs, Romans on the case of a weak member, Revelations on adding to THIS book, the same still applies to this also.

When a person commits sin he is forgiven. Now I know that you might be thinking that a person is living in sin while they are still in that relationship.
Let me ask you this, can a person go back and fixed the wrongs that they have committed. Even if you get a divorce, you mentioned that God hates divorce !!
So where does that leave a person?
He hates divorce & multiple marriages ( Limbo )
In Proverbs 6:16-19  Solomon says,
These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, deet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.
Nowhere in that statement do you find marriage, my point is we cannot take one verse & run with it.
According to my studies WHATEVER a person does in his alien sinner state HAS NO BEARING once he becomes a christian.
You remember he choose Paul in his state, Paul from that point on ( Not bringing any of his baggage over ) became & remainde committed & faithful to Christ. Paul even says that he was the chief of Sinners.
In his letter to the Romans , Chap 7 vs. 19 he says, " For the good that I would I do not, but the evil which I would not that I do "  HMMMMM
Proverbs says, " As a man thinketh in his heart, SO IS HE"
Question: If Paul is doing the things that he KNOWS are wrong, where does that place him?
I'll let you answer that

Can't wait to hear from you
Your Bro. Richard Thomas

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