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Name: emmitt campbell 


reading the article which stated : others assume baptism can be sprinkling, or assuming once saved always , or assuming women can serve an Elders position,or assuming women can be hired as the church preacher, or many other assumptions. to which are no different than to assume God ordained a worship services sunday, to assume we dont have to teach Matt. 2:11 Matt.4:9
1st Cor. 14:25  Acts 10: 25 or Rev.19:10 and the many other "thus saith the Lords word".  God never places a 4 step holy worship services where man is over their worship "not so'. Its plain as the nose on my face , yet ignored and taught as the catholic ordained . ITS NOT THE FIRST CENTERY PATTERN.
Book Chapter and Verse , otherwise you have no case to prove there is ordained of God a worship services .  worship can be daily, often, anywhere , any time.  Emmitt Campbell 265 williams st. newport ar 72112 or 870-217-5169  . please with no assumptions , it must be thus saith the Lord "as i tell the denominations , NO ASSUMPTIONS , NO FOLLOWING OLD PATHS OF MEN.  or should i accept only what the new testament defines as the act of a christians worship ?     Please contact me

Name: jimmy L Alderdice ,Sr. 
E-Mail: jlalderdice@hotmail.com 


Nice web  and enjoyed the great sermon , The Assension of Jesus Christ.  I'm checking on a rental house in your area  Remote possibility I will locate there .

Name: Jacqueline Faye Wallace Rush 
E-Mail: prush@twlakes.net 


Love the pictures.
Can't wait for my next visit to Erin.
My home church is presently working on creating their first site.
You might want to visit it .McCoinsville Church of Christ
Gainesboro, TN

Please post a picture of Elizabeth.

Name: Suman Singh Preacher  
E-Mail: sumansingh_2002@yahoo.com 


Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Last week we Gather the HIV Patients in our near areas and we taught them Love and affection of the Lord for sin and disease people. We conducting a meeting firstly we pray and sing Hymns and deliver Lords massage firstly Bro. Rao deliver the massage secondly I say Lords massage. While we are telling about our Lord tears felt through their eyes. They felt happy they realized that one person is there who still cares for them. After telling them about Jesus we gave them Rice packets, money covers, and medicines. They thanked Lord for sending His Love and affection through you people. Please pray for them and for their salvation.

They children’s also affected HIV please prays for this children’s. They are living few months only. My heart is broken this HIV patients. Please help any way like Medicines, food, clothes, and financial support. This is a request for HIV Patients. Please Pray for these Patients.

I am always praying for you and your family and your ministry work please pray for my Lords Works. Please reply us. I am anxiously waiting for your kind reply.

Church of Christ salutes you Roman (16:16)

In His services,

Bro. Suman Singh Preacher
Church of Christ
Orphan children’s Home
Door No: 8-18-7
Govt Reg: 454/2007
Khambham Choultry Street
Rajahmundry-533101 E.G.Dt
Andhra Pradesh India
Cell no: 0091-9866186497
E-mail: sumansingh_2002@yahoo.com
E-mail: churchofchristaprjyindia@gmail.com  

School Address

Bro. Suman Singh Preacher
Thomas Public School
Door No: 73-15-16
Near: A.v.Appa Rao Road
Gopala Nagar Pounth Road
Andhra Pradesh India

Name: Chandrasekhar Mande 
E-Mail: coc_mchandrasekhar@rediffmail.com 


Dear Brother In Christ

Greetings to you from church of Christ, Avanigedda. We hope and pray that you are all well and working happily for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in His kingdom. We feel happy it is a great privilege to share our work with you dear brethren in Christ.

Brother, my name is M. Chandra Sekhar, serving the church of Christ at Avanigadda in Krishna District, A.P., and South India, last 15 years. I thank God so much for He gives us a great privilege to preach and teach His word in our region. We receive good response from our people. God is continuously blessing our efforts.

Truly, your love, spiritual and physical efforts enable your brethren to do great work for our Lord Jesus Christ. I know that you brethren are wonderful, thoughtful and kind towards the Lord's people in the world. We appreciate you brethren again that you strive always for excellence, bear burdens and living as Christ-like example to lead people to the abundant life now that is found in Jesus and to
eternal salvation. We thank God so much again for you dear brethren and all your efforts.

We are continually praying for you all brethren for your health and welfare. I know that you and brethren stand firm in your faith to imitate Christ Jesus in every aspect of your lives.

Truly, you are always expressing your love for the Lord in your daily life. We appreciate you brethren again for your zeal and faithful work to spread the love of Christ there and in India. Truly, we see Jesus in you as you are always trying to helping and furnishing the
needs of other people. We thank you brethren again for your encouragement and prayers.  

We are continuing to do His work in our region. I hope that you brethren can understand our situation.We need your prayer for SPIRITUAL AND PHYSICAL NEEDS for the congregation and evangelism work and for my family. We look forward to hearing for you brethren. You are in our thoughts and prayers here. Please
greet all for us.

In the love of the Lord.

Your brother in Christ

M. Chandra Sekhar, Preacher
church of Christ
Door No:8-51/1,8th ward,
Andhra Pradesh, South India.

My Email: coc_mchandrasekhar@rediffmail.com
+91 8019444770

Name: keijo 
E-Mail: k.leppioja@hotmail.com 


I am so happy again after many storm in faith and in life that stand in victory and in hope ,for iiw so near to be kill of the devol ,but the Lord is my refuge ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

Name: Bobby, Anna, and RoseMary Adams 
E-Mail: bandaadams@centurylink.net 


We are from the Aliceville Church of Christ. We have recently had the honor of meeting Mark and his dear family. They will be with us until they are able to countiune there journey to the Marshall Islands. We love ALL of them. May God Bless your congregation there in Erin,

Name: ch.solomon 
E-Mail: solomon_coc@yahoo.com 


Dear beloved brothers & sisters in Christ,
       Greetings to you in the precious name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
         I would like to share a few words about My self and the lords work . My name is CHILAKA SOLOMON aged 35 years old,My wife name is NAGARANI,aged 29 years old and we got 3 children.I am doing the among the poor and tribal people at HYDERABAD CITY and MEDAK -District areas and some are districts in ANDRA PRADESH in INDIA.I am working since 1999.
              I graduated 2 years Biblical course year of 1999.Since from that time i have been working for the lords in several places and established congregation's in many places in above districts.I converted and trained some preachers and started working and Encouraging them in the lord's service.My wife is also helping me in the work by teaching the Ladies and Children.
           I am request to you please pray for us and help with us what you can to continue the lords work and to reach as many souls as we can to wish precious souls for Christ.
   Please give me your assist and valuable prayers and co-operation to us.I hope on your valuable prayers and few words hear.Please send me some tracts.we need your prayers to do good work to win the lost souls.Plz keep our brothers in ur prayers and encourage us in the ministry.
           we need assistance for the work in  India ,who are working with us.we also troubling to maintain our families in the work.We hope on our God to bless us for His mighty work.I hope on ur kind concern.
           plz treat me one of your brother in Christ and your child.If I do anything for the glory of our God,the credit must go to your account,because you strenthern me with your love to do the work for our lord.

Thanking you,
  Your brother in Christ,

  CH.SOLOMON, [ Evangelist ]
  INDIA.  PIN:- 500 055
Mobile No: 91-924-738-6789
My e-mail:- solomon_coc@yahoo.com,churchofchrist_hydindia@yahoo.com

Name: patrick 
E-Mail: bishopofapchurchministry@yahoo.com 


would like your fellowship in kenya

Name: Joshua L. Pappas 
E-Mail: joshualpappas@yahoo.com 


Just dropping by to check on you all. I miss you all and you are in my prayers. May God bless your new minister!

Check out my blog: joshualpappas.blogspot.com

Name: Gary Wilson Tucker 
E-Mail: tentex@aol.com 


My family was at Erin Church of Christ in the late 60's early 70's. Bro. Wells was the preacher for most of that time.  The fellowship hall/new class rooms were added during that time. My Dad has since passed away,but Mom and I came back to visit this past February (2007) for the first time in probably 25 years. It was a homecoming we'll never forget.

Name: James Trodglen 
E-Mail: trodglen@peoplestel.net 


The work on the web site is great thank you for your consern

Name: James Trodglen 
E-Mail: trodglen@peoplestel.net 


I have gust read and looked over web sit and am very impressed . I am looking forward to new and informative articals and news.

Name: Arlis Richardson 
E-Mail: arlisrichardson@aol.com 


I just discovered your Web Site today and am very impressed.  I just want you to also know how much I appreciated being with you folks on Wednesday, September 27.  I do hope the lesson I taught was beneficial to those assembled and gave hope to those who often find themselves slipping.  If Peter and Moses could fail and still make it to Heaven then there is hope for us all.

Name: Ronald Lumumba. 
E-Mail: mansachurchofchrist@yahoo.com 


Am a preacher of Mansa church of christ here in Uganda, East Africa, thank you brethren for this wonderful work on your website.
Am hoping to hear from you beloved.
Our website is. www.freewebs.com/mansachurchofchrist

Name: keijo 
E-Mail: keijoleppioja@hotmail.com 


"They rememebered that God was their rock that God Most High eas their redeemer."Halleluh again today with happy hearts and  joyful feel of grace time after time,we have wonderful Lord  our rock and salvation with the healing .Help that many may find him,pray for blessed revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden

Name: Shirley Barnette  


It sounds a nd looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We Love ya'll.                    Love Mother and Daddy

Name: Tina Beck 



I think you have done a great job on this website.......I really enjoyed listening to you preach.......Keep on posting them so i can keep listening.....Give Shelley and Brooke a hug and kiss from me and I Love You.....

your big sis,

Name: Joshua Pappas 
E-Mail: joshualpappas@yahoo.com 


I am noticing some improvements to the site; everything is great. Keep fighting the good fight. I hope to drop in on you folks again before the decade is out. ;-)

Name: Cindy 


Just letting you know that my audio works great.  Jim, I would be happy to come over to assist you in getting yours up and running.  Again, this is wonderful!

Name: Roy Trodglen 
E-Mail: trodglen@peoplestel.net 


Cory I finally managed to download your sermon audio. I am very inpressed with the quality and presentation of your message.Keep up the good work

Name: Gary 


Great to see the website being utilized to its potential.  Thanks to the elders and Corey for the work.  Keep it up.  --gary

Name: Cindy  


Corey, Jim, and Terry
Just wanted you to know I had a look at the website.  It is looking great!  This is really exciting and great work.  The audio of the services will be of great benefit!  In Christian love,  Cindy

Name: Jerry Morton 
E-Mail: ellisvillecoc@yahoo.com 


I am the minister of the Ellisville Church of Christ in Ms. Just wanted to say hi and invite you to our site at The Lord's Way.com Keep up the good work.

Name: Amber Porch 
E-Mail: Slvr1113@aol.com 


I am so happy to see Erin has a webpage!  I love you grandaddy!  I cant wait to visit you guys there in Erin!  I love Erin Church of Christ! Tell Ms. Janice hello!

Name: Bernie Barton 
E-Mail: bgbarton@twlakes.net 


I Preach for the Pleasant Hill church of Christ in Cumberland County, Tn
I know some Tenn. State Guardsmen from Erin,but I have never been to
Erin.I am a Chaplain in the Tenn. State Guard

Name: Joshua Pappas 
E-Mail: joshualpappas@yahoo.com 


Hello my brothers and sisters. It has been more than a year since I last saw most of you. Unfortunately we missed an opportunity to come worship with you all a few months ago due to a Strep epidemic that swept the family. I miss you all dearly, and pray for you daily. The pictures from VBS are great. It looks like it was a success. I hope to see you all as soon as the Lord wills. May He continue to bless you.

Name: Marcus Rhaney 


Greetings from the Northside Church Of Christ,Tampa,Fl,Bro. Eric Doss,Evangelist.Great work.Keep up the good work in the Name of Jesus Christ.......Praise God!

Name: Joshua L. Pappas 
E-Mail: joshualpappas@yahoo.com 


Hello brothers and sisters. The site looks great in beige! Hope everything is going well, and that you are all growing in the Lord. God bless you all!

Name: Brian Williams 
E-Mail: briancindy@comcast.net 


Great site! I'll be checking back often. Thanks for the Lylewood Camp link. That brings back some old memories.

Name: Jon Gary Williams 
E-Mail: jongaryw@aol.com 


Just taking a look at your site. Looks good. Keep up the good work!


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