Image Verification

There are people who use the Internet for less than honorable purposes.  Some of these people will write programs called "bots" that search across the Internet looking for guest books and similar type pages.  When these "bots" find a guest book page they can enter data automatically (not an actual person typing in the fields).  Typically these programs are written to sell something by posting entries with link to other sites or just to post vulgar text.  By using the image verification we can ensure that an actual person is looking at the screen and typing in the fields instead of a "bot" program (since they can not "read" and retype the image text).  We are sorry for the inconvenience but this site has been attacked by a few "bots" so we had to add this verification to keep this from happening again.  Image verification does not track who posts nor does it in any way try to identify the poster.  Your privacy is maintained.

Thanks for your understanding.