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Things That Lead To Peace

Things That Lead To Peace

Text: Matt. 11:28 - 30

Intro: We seek peace, and unfortunately we go out of our way to find it in all the wrong places. The most shocking thing that I have heard lately is what Americans would be willing to do in exchange for 10 million dollars.
5% would abandon their family.
25% would abandon their church.
23% would become a prostitute for a week.
16% would give up their American citizenship.
16% would leave their spouse.
3% would put their children up for adoption.
Two- thirds of those polled agreed to at least one, some to several, of the options. The majority would not leave empty-handed. With the hopes that the money would grant them peace. Why don't we have peace? Why do we think we have to look in so many places to find peace? There are a few questions we can ask ourselves so that we may find the things that lead to peace.

1. What will it take to make me content?

2. Are there any unsurrendered worries in my heart?

3. Is this true peace, or worldly peace?