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Rom. 6:1-6

Purpose: To show that baptism is essential to our salvation.

I. Introduction:
   Most every Christian organization/church holds to some form of baptism. However, this
   remains a very divisive issue. ďDo you believe in baptism?Ē Most say yes. But what form, what
II. What is baptism?
     A. To baptize is to dip, plunge, immerse. Many misapplications of baptism. Infant baptism, 
          baptism for the dead, ceremonial baptism (at weddings, ritualistically on special days,
          etc.), baptism against oneís will, baptism to join a certain earthly religious group.
     B. Some falsely teach baptismal regeneration, that is that the baptism alone saves us.
         Nothing special in the water or process. We are being obedient to the will of God as we
         submit to baptism. However, one who studies conversions in Acts will see that baptism is
         common to these and is the culmination of the salvation process.
     C. Baptism is the point at which we are freed from our sins (washed away, Acts 22:16) and
         at which God adds us to the church (Acts 2:47).
     D. Matt. 26:28. Jesus shed His blood for the remission of sins.
     E. Eph. 1:7. We have redemption through His blood.
     F. Mark 16:16; 1 Pet. 3:21. Believe and be baptized = to be saved. Baptism saves us.
     G. Gal. 3:26-29. We put on Christ through baptism.
III. Who should be baptized?
      A. Mark 16:15-16. Those who believe.
      B. Acts 2:36-38. Those who are in need of salvation.
      C. Acts 8:36-38. Those who confess.
      D. Not for infants (no sin, canít believe). Not for the dead (too late, canít change).
IV. How should we baptize?
       A. Baptism is a burial. Rom. 6:3; Acts 8:36-38. Baptism is immersion, not sprinkling.
       B. Aspersion (sprinkling) and affusion (pouring) both began to gain acceptance in the 12th
           century and later. Neither were practiced in the early church.
       C. Should baptize immediately. The conversions in Acts include immediate baptism, not
           delayed for days, etc. Rejoicing is after baptism, not before. Acts 8:39.
V. Why should we baptize?
      A. Acts 2:38. For the remission of sins.
      B. Acts 22:16. To wash away our sins.
      C. Mark 16:16. To be saved.
      D. Gal. 3:27. To put on/enter Christ.
VI. Conclusion: