Where are the dead?

Where are the dead?
Luke 16:19-31



1.                  "The body without the spirit is dead (James 2:26) but the reverse is not true; the spirit without the body is dead".

a.         The body is mortal. 2 Cor 4:16

                              1.         It returns to dust. Genesis 3:19:  Eccl. 12:

b.         Death is from the Greek work "thanatos" which means a separation.

            1.         That is separation of the spirit from the body.

c.         The Sadducees denied the spirit (Acts 23:8) but Jesus plainly demonstrated that those dead still live.  Matthew 22:29-32

2.         I must admit to your that there is a great deal that no one knows about death.

                        a.         I know it took my parents, Linda's mother and many of your friends and love ones.

                        b.         It comes to us all.  Even Elvis and Howard Hughes.

                        c.         We can understand only what is revealed and don't need to speculate to much.

                                    1.         Hope in Christ delivers from bondage to the fear