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By Jim Sasser

     Something is wrong, bad wrong, when we can't have all the members of the church and their children in attendance for Bible study. Yes, something is wrong when members refuse to attend the Bible classes.

1. If a person is too sick to go, something is wrong with his HEALTH. He should consult a 

2. If he thinks he does not need the help that comes from the Bible study, something is wrong with his EDUCATION.  He does not  know what he needs the most.

3. If he sleeps too late, he is too LAZY.  He needs to study (Prov. 6:    6-11)

4. If he doesn't have the interest to go, something is dangerously wrong with his ATTITUDE.  Indifference is a cause of people being lost.

5. If he is too busy to go, something is wrong with his SCHEDULE. The person who is too busy to serve the Lord is too busy to go to heaven.

6. If he lets company keep him away, something is wrong with his COURAGE.  He should have the courage to serve the Lord even if the company is missed or offended.

7. If his clothes are not good enough to go, something is wrong with his PRIDE.  This excuse is over exalted, for the persons who use it usually can go anywhere else in the same dress, but refuse to wear those same clothes to Bible study or worship.

     Just why should not every Christian want to be in Bible study every
     time it meets?  And why shouldn't we want our children and friends
     to be there?  If we don't something is wrong.  Better begin to check
     up on yourself and see what the trouble is before it is too late.