MAY 09 One Percent Is Than You Think

One percent doesn't sound like much but it really depends on the number that the one percent comes from. For example, what is one percent of a dollar? The answer is one little ole' penny. Now that doesn't sound too big does it, but how about one percent of ten thousand dollars? Well, that would be one hundred dollars and to me that number is pretty big just to be one percent. Every time you add a zero to the number being divided, the "little" one percent also gets a zero and after a while it's not so little anymore. One percent can be a big deal.
According to a recent study released, for the first time ever in our nation's history, one out of every one hundred adults in America is sitting in prison. That's one percent of our adult population. That one percent cost an estimated $49,000,000,000.00 to house, feed, guard, etc... according to the study. That doesn't include the damage done to victims and their families and property. To beat it all, the crime rates are still rising. I wonder what one and a half percent would look like? I hope and pray that we never see that.
Some in our society would call the Bible an outdated book. According to them, our society is too "sophisticated" to believe in God now. Wow!!! Is that the same society that has one percent of its adult population in prison? I think so! A society cannot get sophisticated enough to outgrow the works of the flesh that has plagued humanity here on Earth (Ephesians 5:19-21). Our "sophisticated" society severely needs a dose of that so-called "outdated" book. No politician, no social program, no amount of money, no man-made laws and no form of government can fix a nation with no God. A walk in the wilderness is no camping trip (1st Corinthians 10:5-12).
The absence of a dollar or two copy of God's word (yes, you can actually find a Bible that cheap here in Trenton) in our homes and hearts sure is costing our people a lot more than we can afford to pay. One percent of our national debt is absolutely nothing compared to the debt our society owes God for what He has given us through the generations. There are not enough zeros in math to express just one percent of that kind of debt. Is one percent a big deal?  Yep!The numbers don't lie.