Start Digging!

Jan 05 ďAs they pass through the Valley of Baca, They make it a spring; The rain also covers it with pools." Ps 84:6 The Valley of Baca has been translated both as the Valley of Weeping and The Thirsty Valley. Neither of these are very pleasant names. Obviously, the Valley of Baca was a dry, desolate place. Today, you may be walking through your own Valley of Baca. You may be feeling dry in your soul. You may be thirsty and wondering where the living water is to quench your thirst. What are we to do when we are in this thirsty place? We are to dig a well. What does this mean in our spiritual lives? There are times when we have to step out on faith, to take some sort of action. The word translated well could also be translated pit or ditch.    Apparently, there were no streams in the valley of Baca, but there were rainstorms. But the ground just soaked up the rain, unless you dug a pit. Digging that pit was an act of faith. It was in expectation of a refreshing rain. Too often when we are in a dry place, we may not expect it to rain ever again. We may   believe that we will not see water again, so we are not prepared when (not if, when) the rain does fall. In that case the rain is refreshing for the time, but after it stops we find ourselves in much the same situation as before. I know a lot of people who seem to have these vicious ups and downs in their moods. One moment things are terrible. The world is conspiring against them. Everything is awful. Then some blessing comes their way and everything is wonderful for a few days until the next trial. What many of us need to do is create a reservoir of blessing to sustain us in the dry seasons. The next time God sheds His blessings on you, dig a well. Drink in those    blessings, bask in them, praise him for them, store up the knowledge of those blessings, learn the lessons he is trying to teach you, find out what you can take from that blessing to help you in the hard times. Then when the dry spell settles down in your valley again, you remember those lessons. Thank God just as you did during the season of refreshing drawing on the strength you gathered during that time. You also remember that the trial before the blessing, did end and God delivered you in a marvelous way. If he did it once, he'll do it again. So, if you have found yourself in the valley of Baca today, take out your shovel. You have some digging to do.