Does God Give Up On Me?

Jan 05 Does God Give Up (on me)? We have all experienced it. That feeling of uncertainty. The sense of fear that maybe this time was one failure too many. After all we did have plenty of time to learn and do what was right, we just haven't gotten it right. Not yet, maybe, not ever. Has God lost patience with me? íŽI don't have any for myself. Why can't I just do what I am supposed to? It is a miserable feeling. We doubt ourselves our motives and eventually God. After all why would God be interested in a screw up like me? We think. Elijah's words betray the same despair as he stumbled under a wilderness juniper tree to die. "It is enough; now, O LORD, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers." 1 Kings 19:4 KJV He, like us, had his spiritual ups and downs and the last few days had been an extreme example. Just days earlier he had trusted God enough to face king Ahab, announce the mount Carmel challenge, take on 450 priests of Baal, ask God for fire from heaven, ask God for rain that had not come in 3 years and still have enough faith and fortitude to run leading king Ahab's chariot back to the palace through the down pour that God's answer brought. But then after all that demonstrated trust in God, all the incredible answers and protections God had provided, it took only one threat from the queen to send him running away, all the way into the wilderness to his juniper tree. On the way he realized what he had done. The fear he had responded to rather than the evidences of God's protection, the greater faith in a queen's threat than God's promises. He was scared and he had failed. Now, all he wanted was to die to be rid of the pain and shame. But how did God respond to His wayward servant, his failed son? God sent Elijah an angel to feed him while he lay under that tree. No condemnation, no scolding, not even a knowingly said "kind of thought you were getting a bit tired after that run with the horses" Just lovingly, miraculously, prepared food, for strength for refreshment for encouragement. It is a human frailty, a satan exploited weakness, we often give up on ourselves, on trying. We can give up like Elijah after great success, when we see we have no excuse for our failing or just crumble under the weight of ongoing repeated failings, that one part of our lives we just can't seem to get straight. We give up, but God is not so easily discouraged, whether He is talking with a Samaritan woman, whose life was an ongoing tragedy or his fallen star, Elijah, His response is the same "You are forgiven. I'll help you move on if you let me. Lets walk together." Will you get up and walk with your Savior today? His hand is reaching out. Just take it! -------from Usable Notes