JAN 05 HELPING OTHERS Now that 2004 is closed and we have a chance to look back, there are a number of things we can be proud of accomplishing.  Some of these figures may be not 100% accurate but they should be in the ball park and give you an idea of some of the things we accomplished in 2004. In the area of benevolence,   according to my best figures, we distributed over 150 bags of  groceries.  These went to those in need who contacted us here at the building or we heard about through some other source or through groceries being taken to families of our beyond the bars jail ministry when we would visit them.   We were able to distribute and provide clothing for about 35           individuals.  This congregation provide at least 30 nights     lodging for individuals who had no where to stay.  Many of these were from our jail ministry and the other largest group were those who were traveling and needed help.   This past year over 230 folks began studying the Bible through the TRI-STATES BIBLE SCHOOL.  In our beyond the bars ministry we        distributed over 200 Bibles and taught almost 1,100 inmates who signed our muster sheets.  Also of course, our weekly TV and radio program, I Believe,        continued a very successful year.   This year also saw the Trenton church go on line with a website in early January. The website is already drawing a lot of contacts and even has a link to the Bible School Lessons on line.   All of these efforts and your   personal efforts led to 10       baptisms last year and one    already this year.   Bottom line is this, many of us have continued or become greatly involved in the process of helping others and saving souls. And there’s plenty to do! If you haven’t been as active as you’d like, why not start now! There will never be a better time than right now or a  better place than right here! Thanks for all you do! May God bless you as you share with others!