New Year New Us

New Year New Us


Things which will strengthen us in the New Year:


§       Prayer

o     Prayer is a good gauge of our Spiritual  Life.

o     Find a Specific Time everyday and Designate it as your time to Talk to the Father!

§       Acts 2:42

§       Acts 3:1 – The hour of prayer.

Talk about Muslims and how they makes us look bad because they pray three times a DAY! –Chaz that works with Donnie.

§       Get in the Word

o     Faith  comes by Hearing  God’s  Word. Romans 10:17 

Daily Bible Reading Plan on back of Outline.

§       E­vangelize

o     The Purpose of the Church is to Share Jesus

Audience Participation – Family Members/Friends from the community who are NOT saved!!

        Great Commission – A call to Action…GO

                Matthew 28:19

                Mark 16:16


Bringing the lost to Jesus starts with YOU



Fitting our Life around God, rather than fitting God into our Life


Some say Oh if I ever get time I’ll have a stronger prayer life or I’ll read my Bible. But we as Christians MUST seek First the kingdom of God. We must place God before work, friends, and family!!!


You don’t make time for God you put Him first then make time for other things!!!!!