What a Blessed Week!

MARCH 05 WHAT A BLESSED WEEK!  March 13, 2005 Words can hardly express how much of a blessing it was for Jamie and me to be able to attend the lectureship at Faulkner last week.  We were blessed to be able to hear a number of great lessons and sermons from some of the most encouraging brothers in the Lordís church.  I believe I was able to attend 18 different lectures and just came back with my cup running over and my batteries on FULL!   One of our greatest blessings was the time we were able to spend with Charles and Jackie Hill down there as well.  Jackie cooked several times for us (as well as Garrett, Louise, Leigh and friends) and that was       spectacular!  We were glad to get to see our kids and to get to see Garrett play baseball on Monday afternoon as well.  The theme, SOLDIERS OF CHRIST, ARISE was well presented and couldnít help but leave you better ready for battle after a week there.   We are so grateful for your support in encouraging us to attend events like this and so happy to have brothers and sisters who can go with us.  We really missed Buck and Joy Johnson, as they had planed to attend but illness prevented it.  We have several members who have told us already that they would like to attend next year or with us when we go to Heritage in September.  If you have never attended a lectureship program at a Christian college, you owe it to yourself to do at least once...and youíll probably find it much like the old potato chip slogan ďIíll bet you canít go to just ONE!