APRIL 05 GOSPEL MEETING TO BEGIN NEXT SUNDAY Trenton, GA— The Trenton Church of Christ will have a Gospel meeting starting April 10, 2005 at their building in the NW Georgia town.  This effort is one that will feature a ‘hometown’ speaker in Milton Stephens who now preaches for the church in Lynnville, TN.  According to reports, Bro. Stephens has been preparing and praying for the success of this effort for a number of months.  Reports from Trenton also indicate that a number of the Christians there have been praying, inviting folks and making their plans to be present for each of the services that week. Don Walker, minister at Trenton, said, ”This is a unique opportunity for our members to invite friends, since Milton has so many friends in the Dade County area”. It will be exciting to see how well this opportunity is taken advantage of by the Trenton members. Stephens is also slated to speak on Tuesday night, April 12 on TV-7 on the “I Believe” program sponsored by the church at Trenton. He is also slated to be the “guest” speaker at the Senior Saints Luncheon on April 11.  This is a great opportunity coming for the church at Trenton and the community and the Lord will be watching to see how they handle an opportunity like this one.