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Baptized into Christ

Baptized into Christ

 "The elementary teaching of Christ... instruction about baptisms..." -- ~Heb 6:1,2~

Yet there are so many questions about the basics. We must Master the Fundamentals.

 John's Baptism -- ~Mk 1:1-5~ / ~Lk 3:3-14~

 Jesus was Baptized -- ~Mt 3:13-17~

 Commission Command -- ~Mt 28:18-20~ / ~Mk 16:16~

 Baptism & the Church

 The Form of Baptism

 Getting it Right - ~Acts 19:1-5~

 The Mighty Work of Baptism

 Q: "Can anyone keep these people from being baptized with water?" (Acts10:47)

Q: "Why shouldn't I be baptized?!" (Acts8:36)

 Notes by David Teel 14May2005