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The church that Jesus built

The church that Jesus built


The confession and the promise - Mt16:13-20


Modern definitions of "church:"

1) a building used for public Christian worship.

2) a particular Christian organization with its own distinctive doctrines.

3) institutionalized religion as a political or social force. (Webster)


The church of Jesus is NOT...


The state of modern religions and denominations presents a divided, confused picture to the world. This is NOT the work of God (1Cor14:33). The enemy sows weeds among the Master's wheat (Mt13:27,28).


What IS the church? (by definition and usage -- 74x in ESV)


HOW Jesus builds His church


Importance of the church -- Eph


Several Defining Characteristics


Yes, Jesus fulfilled His promise!

Q: Are WE His called-out group?

notes by David Teel Friday, February 28, 2014