OCTOBER 09, 2016







Spiritual vs. Worldly:  Do your thoughts ever turn from the movies and the Green Bay Packers to Scripture, or the Lord's Church, and its needs?


Biblically Minded vs. Humanly Reasoned:  Do you determine what is right and wrong on the basis of what you feel or by Scripture, what is the standard you live by?


Resentful vs. Forgiving:  Do you find yourself reviewing, over and over again, the actions of a brother or sister in Christ, nursing your anger, or are you able to forgive him or her?  Make no mistake, an eternal destiny lies in the balance—YOURS!


Supportive vs. Hypercritical:  do you"give" your brethren "a break"?  More than that, do you consciously demonstrate support for them?  Did you thank the teacher who taught Bible to your child or your grandchild this last quarter?  Have you expressed support for your minister or church leaders this year? OR EVER?


Humble vs. Boastful:  Not only is it bad manners to boast, but it's also condemned by God.  Take the focus off yourself and your efforts and put it back on Christ!


Involved vs. Grumbling:  Over the years I have observed that those who are involved, who serve in the church, do the least grumbling about the church. I WHY THAT IS!!!


Unselfish vs. Self-Serving:  Put simply, do you serve, or demand to be served? Do you insist that you get public credit for everything you do?


some time with a young person.  If you think you are a "cool" member and don't have to associate with the "un-cool"members, I have one word for you.  REPENT!  If you find yourself talking after church to the same people, every time, please consider whether you have begun to form a clique of your own, and try to circulate!


Loving vs. Cold and Indifferent:  There are many who long for a warm response, a cheerful "Hello."  There are those who have never known this in their family or upbringing.  They live in a cold, thoughtless world.  Could we not provide an atmosphere of warmth and support in the Lord's Church?  IS THAT SO HARD TO DO!!!


Serving vs. Demanding:  It's not about what I want; it's about what God wants.  Don't demand your way; seek God's way! YOU CAN'T LOOSE WITH GOD'S WAY!!!


            What is your attitude? Your attitude has much to do concerning what the attitude of the South Beloit Church of Christ will be.  If we want to be the friendliest congregation in the city of South Beloit and Beloit, then each member absolutely must be friendly first of all to one another and then to our visitors.  Maybe some of us need an attitude adjustment.  Use the Word of God to adjust your attitude and you will be just fine. May the Lord God, the Wonderful Counselor guide each and every one of us in our attitudes as we continue to serve Him?