OCTOBER 16, 2016




            Over the course of your Christian walk, have you had your share of discouraging moments?  Have you been down about being a wife, or a husband, maybe you have been down about being a mother or a father?  Perhaps you have found yourself being down about being a person with knowledge of right and wrong or a female or male, a pleaser or maybe just down about being a Christian.  Most of the time a person feels like they are justified in wanting more or in wanting to be something else.  Sometimes we often reason within ourselves that WE DESERVE more.  Most of the time discouragement has come to us out of frustration with a situation, a person, or by our lack of something.  I believe that presently, if we would take the time out to think on it, we would find that a lack of consistent bible reading lends to a discouraging mood.


            Of course the bible is full of ways to combat a discouraging spirit, but often that is the last book we pick up—no matter how long we've been in the church.  I've learned that being a Christian takes a changing of your mind and perspective.  Choosing to dwell on the positive rather than focusing on the negative that tends to jump out at us.  The bible says if you follow the steps outlined in II Pet. 1:5-7, you will never fall (II Pet. 1:10) and you will keep from being ineffective (v.8). I Pet. 4:12-13; 5:6-10 tells us not to be surprised when we suffer as if we're the only one in despair, because others worldwide are struggling too.  The author encourages us to be humble (read and obey) and says God is just to restore and strengthen us.


So even though it seems corny to pick up your bible when you are feeling down, try it and see what wonders a little reading can do.  I have really found the books of James and Peter helpful in this regard.  The main thing is that when you are feeling discourage, you can always find some comforting and encouraging words in the word of God.  The next time you find yourself feeling blue and down, just pick up the word of God and commence to reading, you will be amazed how God and His Holy Spirit will speak to you and your discouragement.  God has given us all that we need that pertaineth to life and godliness and it is all found in his Holy Book Divine which must be the guide for each and every member of the South Beloit Church of Christ if we plan on going through the gates of heaven together as a totally unified congregation of the Lord's Church.  May the Lord God and His Son Jesus Christ alone with His Holy Spirit forever keep you and your family in His loving arms of care as we travel this Christian walk together.