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What Is Love?
What is love? Do you know what love is? I mean, do you really know the meaning of love? One dictionary defines love as "an intense feeling of affection", and "a great interest and pleasure in something. More >>

What Am I Doing?
What Am I Doing?
What are you doing in your life right now to help you grow spiritually? If we really want to grow spiritually, and to stay spiritually active, it requires exertion on our part. More >>

The Truth War
The Word of God (the Bible) is both complex and simple. It is complex because of its depth and thoroughness, but it is so simple that one does not need to be a "scholar" to obtain a fundamental understanding of Christianity. More >>

Have you noticed the account of King Manasseh in the Scriptures? He is one of the lesser known kings of Judah, but I am submit that the he should be one of the ones we remember well.

His life is a story of reversals, retribution, restoration, and ramifications. More >>

Manasseh 2
Previously, we noticed the unethical and idolatrous reversals he brought to the land of Israel. We also saw the retribution; the punishment God brought upon Manasseh and the people who followed him. More >>

Manasseh 3
Well, what happened to King Manasseh? We noticed last week that he did humble himself before God and repent of his wicked ways. How did the Supreme Ruler of the universe respond? The text says, "God was moved by his entreaty and heard his plea" (2 Chronicles 33:13). More >>

Manasseh 4
"The Lord spoke to Manasseh and to his people, but they paid no attention. Therefore the Lord brought upon them the commanders of the army of the king of Assyria, who captured Manasseh with hooks and bound him with chains of bronze and brought him to Babylon. More >>

Are You Seeking His Face?
The twenty-seventh Psalm is a mighty declaration of God's protection and of David's faith in his Almighty God. It looks into the spiritual soldier seeking God's face (Psalm 27:8). Psalm is both insightful (understanding) and encouraging (undergirding) to the child of God today. More >>

Are You Seeking His Face? 2
Let us continue our consideration of the twenty-seventh Psalm, a Psalm of David. Last week we began by looking at the "Confident Warring" of the Soldier. This time we are investigating the section known in this study as "Concentrated Worship". More >>

Are You Seeking His Face? 3
Let us now continue our look into the twenty-seventh Psalm, a Psalm of David. In two previous articles, we have considered the confident warring (Psalm 27:1-3), and the concentrated worship (Psalm 27:4-6) of the Psalmist. More >>

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Why I am a Member...
If you are a member of the church of Christ, can you tell me why you are? How did you become a member of the church of Jesus Christ? Would you like to know why I am a part of the church of Christ? Let me explain. More >>

Class Outlines

The Holy Spirit in Matthew
The Holy Spirit in Matthew...
Chapter 3
John's Ministry (Matthew 3:1-12).
Immersion with the Spirit: Matthew 3:11 -- Acts 2
Explanation: Acts 2:12 -- Joel 2:28-32
The second chapter of Joel is the (prophetic) background to Matthew 3:11
Judgement is coming to Israel:
Matthew 3:7, 10 -- Matthew 23:33-24:2
Chapter 10
Limited Commission (Matthew 10:1-15). More >>