500,000 Miles

500,000 Miles


We each have driven half a million miles. What a ride.

We have been in every state in the lower 48 except Vermont. They all are beautiful.  We have seen expansive forests, rolling plains, deserts, wetlands, and everything in between.

We have driven over bridges almost 20 miles long, bridges over the Mississippi river, bridges between countries, and some that are scary tall. We have been in traffic jams on the Ambassador Bridge between Canada and Detroit.  The wind can make the bridge move. If you are sitting at the top in a big truck you can get a "funny" feeling.

Some of the most beautiful states we have been to are in the south east. We love to drive through Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.  The have large stretches of both forests and farmland. I have not seen a season where it is not beautiful. The old houses are beautiful and some of the barns are very fancy.

We have meet a lot of friendly people all over the country and have had the opportunity to plant the seed. I have also been able to hold a bible study over the phone.  There are people in need all over this country of ours.

We have seen road rage that has just sent a chill up my spine and it is interesting just how impatient so many people are especially some truck drivers.

There is a bunch of hurry up and wait in this job. Sometimes a wreck will close down the road and we just have to sit it out. That is where the freeway becomes a parking lot.  It is another way to meet people. Then there is the hurry up and wait for the truck to get fixed. Right now I am sitting in a truck stop in Canada for my turn to get my truck fixed. If you have an air leak it has to be fixed. Also we have had to wait at shippers when we drove dry vans trailers. The slang for dry van drivers is "door slammers". They are forever slamming the trailer doors to get them to close. They seem to get bent out of shape easily, both the door and the driver.

Slang is pretty funny. We have learned quite a bit. Rest stops are called pickle parks because they are packed in like pickles in a jar. Two things are called parking lots. A freeway that has come to a complete stop or a bad traffic jam. The other is a car hauler. If you are driving in snow and or ice, if you don't have chains on your tires then you are barefoot. All the North western states require us to carry chains from September to April. We have put them on 3 times. They are heavy and very noisy.  10 to 15 mph is all the faster you want to drive on them. We have seen a lot of police officers using radar guns to check speeds. That is called being shot in the face. The slang used in the 70s and 80s movies is still in use. I was corrected because I said deputy and not county mounty.

I think all in all it has been a positive experience for us. We have seen the beauty of God's creation, meet nice people all over the country and in Canada.


From the road and in Christ,