Best Laid Plans

The Best Laid Plans of mice and men.


(Each time I start this something comes up.)


The question then is what does a Christian do?


We saw in Hawaii what happens when a real ballistic missile warning happens. Even though the warning was false what happened during and after has a Christian answer. We saw people telling their loved one's good-bye. We saw people trying to find places to protect their children. We saw the outrage and anger when the truth came out.


I am old enough to remember doing duck and cover drills but I have never been through a real ballistic missile warning.


What is the Christian response?


We saw the shooting in Florida and all that happened after that. The debates, accusations, and anger with the threats of violence do not seem to making any headway to actually fixing the problem.


Last week my wife radioed me that she was having severe chest pain. Everything was alright but that will scare you to no end.


What is the Christian response?


First, I tend to plan things. When we start a trip I know where we are going to stop each night, where we will get fuel, the day we deliver, the order we will deliver in, and I will look at a satellite picture of the dealership before I call them with any questions. That is me. Stuff happens.


Jesus tells parables about the Kingdom Of Heaven. In Matthew 25:1-12 speaks about being prepared. We just don't know what is going to happen. We know the Lord will return but We don't know when. We do not know if we will be walking this earth still or not when He does.


It may sound morbid but we need to be prepared for the end of our walk on this earth. Our lives belong to the Lord so our lives are in His hands. Because we know that He conquered death we will conquer death in Him. We trust Him on this.  


This does not mean we will not fear. I have had a gun pulled on me during an armed robbery.  Yes I was scared. This is not a lack of faith in the Lord. This is just us and a physiological response by our body. It is called the fight or flight syndrome.


Starting in Matthew 25:14 is a parable about doing the Lord's work. The Lord gave His servants His things and said work. When the Lord returned two were prepared and one was not. This is a common theme is several of His parables.


Being prepared for the Lord means doing the Lord's work. There are two things I want to stress about doing the Lord's work.


First, we need to be in His word daily. How can we walk in this world without God's word to guide our steps? It is impossible for us to live in this world if we don't because of man's inhumanity to man. His word keeps us on the right path because it is a light for us to use. When the light shines we are obligated to follow it. No one turns on a flashlight and then closes his eyes.


Next, in Acts 10:38 Peter teaches us that Jesus went about doing good. That is what we have been called to. It is God's will that we do good works in His Name. We "visit the widow and orphans in their affliction and keep ourselves unspotted from the world."


The last this I want to mention is that the Lord promised that He will return for us. This is a truly great promise.  He will never forget us. We look forward to being in Heaven with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


This is just a short list and there is so much more that we are blessed with.


From the road and in Christ,