We had a great time with our youngest son and his family. As with all things or as I say a lot, the best laid plans of mice and men,

The poor girls were sick with a virus. Amy had influenza A and they were running temperatures of up to 104. They were all apologizing for such us having a bad time.

We were have a great time and said repeatedly there was no reason to apologize. We played Mario Monopoly,  watched My Little Pony videos,  played Barbie ( yes , a 250lb man will play Barbie and enjoy it), and watched cartoon movies. We had great conversations, watched the kids, and helped take care of them. To be honest the word "grand" fits grandchildren.

Proverbs 17:6 teaches that ,"Grandchildren are the crown of the aged".

This was a good time spent with the family. Stuff just happens. It was not Satan trying to ruin anything because he does not have that power. It was a blessing from God. The Lord God has done so much to bless us and we need to take the time to recognize it and be thankful. We need to look at situations with the Lord's word as our glasses.

Sunday morning we had a good conversation with Ian as we drove back to the terminal. He helped us take all our stuff back to the truck and that is when we found out that someone had backed into our truck. So here is is 5 days later that we are sitting in the body shop but that is a different story.

From the road and in Christ,