Stuck in the Mud

Stuck in the mud.

I got stuck in some mud at a truck stop. I kept trying to turn back to the concrete but I just kept sliding. It is both embarrassing and humiliating.  Everyone drives past you and takes pictures. I also am a worst case scenario type of person. The worst things kept running through my head and I have to work at it to get that to stop.

We called it in and the big tow truck pulled us out in no time. There was no damage and we were on our way. We got to Laredo and picked up another load and here we are now in Canada.

What is the Christian response?. The worst case scenario is not.

There are so many Bible verses on this subject that I am only going to write about one and that is the 23rd Psalm.

When David declares in what I would think is a loud voice the the Lord is his Shepherd he claims that the Lord does what is needed and more. He declares the the Lord has taken a personal interest in us. The Lord has provided us with all that we need. The Lord provides us with life, His sun, His air, and so much more. He looks after us and reassures us of His great promises. We are truly blessed to be His children.

Now if I was stuck in the mud does that mean the Lord was not doing His job? That is often claimed but who was driving the tractor-trailer? Me. When the first wheel hit the mud who did not back out? Me. Who's fault was It? Me.

We can not talk our way out of situations our behavior got us into.

From the road and in Christ,