Worship True & Vain

True and Vain Worship


The Father Seeks Jn4

  • Location      is not the issue (vs19-21)
  • Know      Who & How to worship (v22)
  • Spirit      and Truth IS (vs23,24)


What Traditions Can Do Mt15

  • Rise      to the level of law (vs1-5)
  • Invalidate      the Divine command (v6)
  • Make      worship Vain / Useless (vs7-9)


"According to the Pattern"

  • Moses      was warned to follow instructions (Ex25:9&40)
  • Stephen      reminded Jews of this fact (Acts7:44)
  • Hebrew      writer: this has NT significance (Heb8:5)


Examples of Not Following

  • Nadab      (Lev10:1-3)
  • Korah      (Num16:1-11 / 28-33)
  • Uzzah      (2Sam6:1-7 / 1Chron15:1,2,12,13)


A True Heart Leads to True Worship

  • 1st     Command: Love God (Lk10:27)
  • Love      Him as He requested (Jn14:15 / 15:10)
  • Seek      and follow the way directed > So honor God


The Form of our Meetings (Acts2:42)

  • Apostles'      Teaching: instruction as Jesus intended thru His appointed men
  • Breaking      Bread: memorial of the Lord as He instructed (see 1Cor11:23f)
  • The      Prayers: supplications, intercessions, thanksgivings (see 1Tim2:1,8)


The LS Pattern

  • Elements:      unleavened bread is His body / wine His blood
  • Day of      the week: truth of resurrection and early example
  • Regular      Observance: apostolic instruction to continue weekly


Music in Worship

  • Jesus      and disciples following the Passover "sung a hymn" (Mt26:30)
  • Filled      with the Spirit > Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs (Eph5:18&19)
  • Indwelt      with Word of Christ > Teaching, Thanking, Doing (Col3:15-17)


A True Heart (Spirit) Leads to Approved Action (Truth) > Spirit & Truth Worship


notes by David Teel Tuesday, February 25, 2014