Giving to God's Work

Giving to God's Work


Example: Building God's House

  • To      the building of the tent of God - Ex35.5      / vs21,22,29
  • Generously:      More than enough was given - Ex36.3-7
  • For      Restoration of temple and its service (Ezra2.68-69 / Neh7.70,71)


To the Needs of the Poor

  • Love      strangers who come live near you, as yourself -- Lev19.34 > (Mat      25.35)
  • There      will never cease to be poor in the land -- Dt15.10,11 > (Jn12.8)
  • We      are blessed & honor God by generosity to poor (Prov14.21,31).


Benevolence in the church

  • The      early church provided for its own members - Acts2.44-45 / 4.32-37.
  • And      assisted distant churches to provide for their own (Acts11.27-30)
  • All      the way from Achaia and Macedonia,      brothers gave (2Cor8,9)


Distinct Spheres of Giving

  • General      benevolence: the work of individuals (Gal6.10 / Jas1.27)
  • Church      benevolence: the needy saints (Rom15.26,27) 1Cor16:1
  • Family      benevolence: giving starts at home - 1Tim5.4,8,16

Q: What work to support today? What does the Lord call a "good work?"(2Tim3.17)


Support Evangelism

  • Support      of those preaching the gospel (Gal6.6 / 1Cor9.14 / 2Cor11:8 / 3Jn5-8)
  • NT      churches sent directly to the preacher - 1Tim5.17,18 / Phil4.15
  • Note:      They were no intermediate churches or associations to channel the funds.


Poor Motives for Giving

  • Pride:      "to be seen by other people" (Mt6.1-4).
  • Greed:      "And it will be given to you" (Lk6.38).               {Using      gimmicks
  • Guilt:      to compensate for indulgence elsewhere.              {to      prompt giving.
  • Pressure:      to measure up to expectations - 2Cor9.7.


Giving as Worship

"Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce." (Prov3.9)

  • 'Honor'      in Hebrew thought often involves financial support (Mt15.6 / 1Tim5.17).
  • A form of sacrifice /      spiritual service to God << serving others (Heb13:16).
  • The      Cycle of Life: Enriched by God, we sow & harvest plenty - 2Cor9.10-11.


Eternal Treasures

  • How      lasting treasures are laid up above (Mt6.19-21 / Mt19.21).
  • Rich      in good works now >> rich in glory later - 1Tim6.18,19!
  • "He has distributed freely... his      righteousness endures forever"(Psa112.9)


notes by David Teel Tuesday, April 08, 2014