Christ is Risen!

Christ is Risen!

The Empty Tomb

  • Fri      PM: Joseph wraps His body in linen, laid in tomb, closed with stone.
  • Sun      AM: The women bring spices. The stone rolled away. The tomb empty!
  • Two      men: "Why seek the living among the dead?" (Lk24.5,6) >> He Lives!

"The Lord has risen indeed, and has appeared to Simon!" (Luke24.34)


Reality of the Resurrection

Why is it thought incredible by any of you that God raises the dead? (Acts26.8)

  • Denied      by Sadducees / Materialists: no angels or spirits (Acts23.8)
  • Like      the Angels: neither marry nor die - Lk20.34-36
  • The      God of the Living / All Live to Him - vs37,38


Why did He DIE in the 1st Place?

  • Sin      kills. All Sin (Rom3:23) -- but One. All Die (Rom5.12-14).
  • We      killed Him: He died with / for our sins (2Cor5.21).
  • To      Fight & WIN our battle (Heb2.14,15 / 8.27). Life over death!


Disciples as Evidence (see Acts2.31 / 4.2,33 / 17.18)

1)     Why be persecuted and die for a lie? They saw Jesus alive.

2)     Why fabricate a story for a fraud? If He didn't actually rise...

3)     What was their motive when facing torture? Standing for truth.



IF Christ is Not Raised -- 1Cor15.12f


Christ IS Raised! -- 1Cor15.20f


The gospel is a lie (14-16)


Gospel IS Reality / Jesus   reigns! (20,21)


Faith is Vain / We are in sin   (17)


We live -- renewed - in Jesus (22,23)


We have no hope / are miserable   (18,19)


Victory is certain -- in Him (24,25)


"Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, the offspring of David, as preached in my gospel." (2Tim2.8)


We Shall Bear the Image of the Man of Heaven: (1Cor15:47-49) Imagine!


Start Now: Raised in Baptism

  • Buried      in likeness of His death - Rom6.3&4
  • Raised      in likeness of His rising - vs5,8-11
  • Power      of Salvation: in the resurrection (1Pet3.21)


Power to Give Life

  • Creator      Life - Dispensed by the Son -- in His word - Jn5.21&24
  • The      Time NOW IS... Hear His Voice, and Live! - vs25,26
  • The      Time is Coming: All will be Raised -- to Life Or to Wrath vs27-29


"I am the resurrection and the life!" (Jn11.25,26)



notes by David Teel Wednesday, April 16, 2014