Wisdom from Above

Wisdom from Above                                                    James3.13-18


About Teachers...

Context: Teachers be warned! Words are powerful tools. Require wisdom to wield.

  • As      Moses, the man of God, was endowed to bless his people -- Dt32.2
  • One of      several workers, not all are (1Cor12.28,29). Yet many aspire to be.
  • Set in      the church by Christ (Eph4.11) to educate us in His way of living.
  • We are      able to train each other (Rom15.14). Some truly are gifted.

The Challenge (v13): WHO is the 'wise man' - guru - enlightened one -- leader?

  • 'Show      me what you've got.' (cf2.18 on faith) Prove it - by evident works.
  • Good      Conduct = Beautiful Behavior. 1st useful, then marvelous to      behold.
  • Mild      Might: as eternal king came humbly riding a donkey (Zech9.9>Mt2.5)


Earthly Wisdom

Exhibited by those who want to lead - but are not qualified - v1. (see 1Tim1.6,7)

  • Bitter      Jealousy -- "piercing heat" -- burning desire / sharp devotion to a goal
  • Selfish      Ambition -- driven to greatness / seeking position from selfish motives

Note: these 2 traits are written 2x -- vs14&16!

  • Boasting      -- bragging of superior ability or exalted goals (see Rom2.22,23)
  • False      to truth -- hypocrisy: pretending a noble work, for selfish ends

Real Source of this 'wisdom:'                                                            3 Enemies

  • Earthly      -- of the soil, from the dust at our feet...                   'soil'ish      - World
  • Unspiritual      -- 'animal-like,' of fleshly, lower nature...           man-ish - Flesh
  • Demonic      -- from demons, up from below (see v6)...              hell-ish      - Devil

The produce / results of this 'wisdom:'

  • Disorder      -- commotion, confusion, tumult, state of disorder (2Tim2.14,16)
  • Every      evil practice -- the entirety of flawed affairs or business haunts this      source.


Heavenly Wisdom

"come down from above" (vs15&17):  descends from on high, as Spirit from heaven, from the elevations, exalted plains, where deity dwells and lofty character originates.

  • Pure --      clean, innocent, perfect, holy -- 1st essential inner spring -      integrity
  • Peaceable      -- producing quietness, tranquility -- from rightness (Heb12.11)
  • Gentle      -- smooth, even, steady, level-headed, balanced, moderate
  • Open      to Reason -- assents to approach, listening, persuadable, agreeable,      yielding
  • Merciful      -- compassionate, tender-hearted, mindful of other's needs (Jas2.13)
  • Good      Fruit -- beneficial actions, services rendered, help performed
  • Impartial      -- undoubting, w/o hesitation, showing no bias toward favorites
  • Sincere      -- un-pretended, genuine, not acting (for $ or glory), real


How this wisdom works:

Peaceably Sown -- thoughts, words, actions - planting truth in steady calmness

Righteous Harvest -- true wisdom yields good lives - proper as God designed them

Produces Peace -- harmonized relationships, the result of virtuous effort (Col1.20)

notes by David Teel Tuesday, April 22, 2014