Awesome God

Awesome God

Awesome: extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration,

apprehension, or fear; an overwhelming feeling of reverence.

Jacob, son of Isaac, camps at gateway to God's House! (Gen28.16,17)


Case of Moses, Deliverer of Israel

  • Yahweh      speaks with Moses (Ex3.2-6) His      glory makes a bush appear to burn.
  • Meeting      Him on the mountain (Ex19.17-20)      / People respond (Ex20.18-21).
  • "Show      me your glory." (Ex33.18-23)      His face too much to see, but afterglow.


The Psalms Extol His Greatness

  • Awesome      Deeds: answering prayer, providing opportunity to worship - Psa65.1-5
  • In      creation: speaking light & life into existence by a Word! vs6-13
  • The Deliverance      He Provides - Psa66.1-3-5 He      makes His people a nation.
  • He      rules in love and justice, so, His Name 'Alone' is high! Psa99.1-3 / 111.9


Worthy of Worship

  • The      'god' of atheists -- not worth believing in! (the work of Satan himself).
  • The      'god' of every false religion -- made in man's image -- corruptible.
  • The      True & Living God -- infinitely awe-inspiring and worthy of praise.


What Awes Us

  • Power (surf,      storm, sun) His very nature: eternal, transcendent, wise, divine
  • Performance      (masters of music & arts) skill and craft in marvelous creation
  • Perfection      (babies, sunrise, flowers, nature unspoiled) Absolute purity of life
  • Passion      / Love (mother or father's care) selfless provision for good of others


How We Respond

  • Remember      Moses: Dared not approach or look toward God's glory (Ex3.6).
  • Paralyzed      in Fear & Amazement (Daniel     9.4 & ch10 -- vs5,6,8,9).
  • Overflowing      in Joy and Praise (David brings the ark to home -- 2Sam6.12-15).


Men Need Consolation

  • Isaiah:      "Woe is me! I am lost." "Your guilt is taken away." (Isa6.1,5,7)
  • Daniel:      "How can I speak...?" "Be strong and of good courage." (Dan10.15-19)
  • John:      "Fear Not." (Rev1.12-18) Why? I      AM God / I Live / I have Conquered.


Keeping Awe for Our God

  • Listen      to His Word. Watch for His Works. Be Aware of His Presence.
  • Adore      Him in Heart. Speak of His Greatness. Praise His Name Daily.
  • Remember      His Covenant. Think as His People. Live for Him Always.


Divine Conversation: John17.1-5Life Eternal: in knowing God & His Son, Jesus.


notes by David Teel Sunday, May 04, 2014