You Belong Here

You Belong Here!

There is something for everyone at Marana church of Christ.


Church as God Intended

  • "I      will build My church" (Mt16.18). Bought with His own blood (Ax20.28).
  • "Family      of God, church of the living God, pillar of the truth" (1Tim3.15).
  • "Strive      to excel in building up the church" (1Cor14.12).


Each Member Essential: 1Cor12

  • One      God provides many differing gifts -- as He will (vs4-6).
  • No      single part more important than the others (vs14-20).
  • No      part dispensable, but all are necessary, included (vs21-26).


Why Special Ministries are Wrong

  • Segment      and Divide the church -- accentuating our differences.
  • Cater      to our weakness -- instead of building our strengths.
  • Carnal      / Unspiritual -- appealing to selfish interests (church in my image).


The 'Ministry' of the church

  • Worship:      praising our Great God and Savior (Ax2.47 / Eph3.21).
  • Teach:      instructing in the gospel of Jesus Christ (1Thess1.8 / 1Tim3.15).
  • Support:      serving & encouraging each member (Rom14.19 / 1Thess5.11).


Fill Up Your Gift: Rom12

  • To      each a gift, a measure of faith, for good of whole body (vs3-5).
  • Pursue      by grace, excellence in all things, fill up your measure (vs6).
  • Preach,      serve, teach, encourage, give, lead, show mercy (vs6b-8).


Benefits of Being Small

  • Closeness      of Association: Familiarity & awareness of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Balanced      Blending: Realistic to Life. Seniors draw energy / youth learn wisdom.
  • Talent      Utilization: Opportunity to use my gifts      to meet needs & for Lord's glory.


Build Up the Whole: Eph4

  • Gifts      given the church: imparters of truth, training us each to serve (vs11,12).
  • Goal:      to become completely like Jesus -- each and every one of us (vs13-15).
  • The      whole body: healthy and strong, as each organ functions fully (v16).


Pray: Lord, fill me with your grace, to fulfill my purpose, to serve and belong here.






notes by David Teel Sunday, May 11, 2014