Josiah's Restoration

Josiah's Restoration                          (640-608BC)                           2Chron34&35

How to Return to God


The Making of a Hero

  • King at tender young      age of 8 yrs / ruling for 31 years / died at 39/40 (v1)
  • Living right in      Yahweh's sight / walking the 'straight and narrow' (v2)
  • Seeking God by age 16      and purging false religion from the land by 20 (v3)


A Great House Cleaning

  • Purge Judah of      the 'high places' -- shrines to Asherim and Baals (vs3b,4a)
  • Idols cut down, broken      in pieces, scattered the dust (v4)
  • Burned bones of cult      priests on altars >> desecrating / unclean (v5)

...more details in 2Kings23: Ge-Hinnom & 300 year old prophecy...


Zealous over All Land

  • In the heartland cities      of Manassah, Ephraim, and Simeon (v6a)
  • As far North as      Naphtali - up into Assyrian territory! (v6b)
  • Only when he had cleaned      all of the land did he return to Jerusalem!      (v7)


Repairing the Temple

  • Gathered funds for      rebuilding the house at age of 26 (v9)
  • Funds paid to the      workers who repaired the house (v10-12)
  • Note: Preceding Kings      left facilities in disrepair (11b)


Book* of the Law Found

  • While doing inventory,  Hilkiah found the Book of the Law of      Yahweh (v14)
  • Progress report to king      includes mention of "a book!" (vs16-18)
  • Secretary Shaphan reads      to Josiah -- tore clothes & seeks answer (vs19-21)

*book (siphrah) = inscription, writing, letter, register, scroll


Huldah's Revealed News

  • Bad: "Disaster comes --      as I have warned -- for all this idolatry." (vs24,25)
  • Good: "King will die in      peace and not see this disaster." (v28)
  • Why: "Your heart tender...      humble. You hear me; I hear you." (v27)


Public Reading & Covenant

  • Gather all the people,      priests, leaders, inhabitants (v29,30a)
  • King Josiah himself read      all the words of the Book (v30b)
  • Made a covenant before      Yahweh -- to perform - & people (vs31,32)


Keeping the Passover

  • Organized the Priests -      2Chron35:2-6
  • Contributed animals for      offering (vs7-10)
  • Greatest observance      since Samuel! (vs16-18)


Real Restoration: from the heart / removing false religion / following the book / in covenant / observing the Lord's requirements / worshiping in truth / committed & continual.


notes by David Teel Wednesday, April 16, 2014