The Lord's Supper

The Lord's Supper


The Passover (Exodus 12)

  • A      simple meal: lamb, unleavened bread, herbs (v8)
  • With      special meaning: The Deliverance of a Nation (vs12,13)
  • A      continual observance: Instituted as a Memorial (vs14,17,24-27)


Established Memorials

  • The      name of our God: Yahweh, His memorial name forever (Ex3.15 / Hos12.5)
  • Monuments:      writings - stories (Ex17.14      / Mt26.13) / stones (Ex28.12,29 / Josh4.1-7)
  • Living:      sacrifice (Lev2,2,9,16)      / holy day observances (Ex12.14) / prayers (Ax10.4)



  • "What      Yahweh your God did to Pharaoh and all Egypt." (Deut7.18)
  • "That      you were a slave... and Yahweh your God redeemed you." (15.15)
  • "      careful to observe these statutes." (16.12 / 24.18&22)


The 'Last Supper'

  • The      Lord's Longing: "with desire I have desired...before I suffer." (Lk22.15)
  • "Take,      Eat. This is My body." (Mt26.26) given for you / remember me
  • "Drink,      all of you. This is My blood." (Mt26.27) of covenant, forgiveness


How to 'Get it Right' - 1Cor11

  • Not a      fleshly or social occasion (vs20-22)
  • Warning:      flippancy makes us guilty - and condemned with world (27-32)
  • Worthy      Manner (v27) / Discerning the Body (v29): 'thoroughly distinguished'


What the LS Isn't and IS

  • Not His      actual body & blood. His sacrifice Once: (Heb9.25,26 / 10.10).
  • Not a      sacrament - "ritual distributing atoning grace." Though beneficial.
  • A      memorial / A proclamation / A fellowship -- with Lord & his disciples.


Three Perspectives of the LS

  • ...looking      Back -- 'remembrance' (vs24,25)
  • ...looking      In -- 'examine himself' (v28)
  • ...looking      Forward -- 'until He comes' (v26)


New in the Kingdom (Mk14.25)

  • "That      day:" with us today -- in spiritual fellowship with the Lord.
  • "New:"      in meaning / context / anticipated deliverance now fulfilled!
  • "Kingdom:"      now (Col1.13) & eternally (1Cor15.24) gathered 'round His table.


"Thus Remember ME."


notes by David Teel Wednesday, May 28, 2014