The Mind of Christ

The Mind of Christ -- Phil2


The Basis: Love v1

  • Encouragement      in Christ - "entreaty, consolation, comfort" (see 2Cor1.3-7).
  • Comfort      from love -- "words of edification" (1Cor14.3), prompted by devotion.
  • Sharing      in Spirit -- "partnership" shared by being under like spiritual influence.
  • Affectionate      sympathy -- lit. "spleen" - tender mercy (see Philemon7,12,20).


Oneness of Mind v2

  • Satisfies      Paul's goal for them -- makes the preacher completely happy.
  • Harmony      in affection and in love -- having same devotion for each other.
  • United      in spirit and in purpose -- moved by same truth toward same goals.


see 1 Cor1.10 Unity from thinking alike in Christ produces like determinations

also 2.16 by revelation, instructed in His values, we can think as He does

& Phil1.27 united thought empowers successful living in the gospel


Motive for Excellence v3

  • Not      rivalry -- to best another (1.15,17) / or conceit -- I am better than others.
  • Mental      construct of humility -- lowliness / the way Up is Down (Lk22.26,27).
  • Making      others more significant -- lit "let others lead the way" / say, 'you 1st'.


The Mind of Christ vs4,5

  • Attention      to self -- survival necessities: food & shelter, health.
  • Attention      to others -- what they need also / at times greater than self.
  • Collective      mind -- 'among yourselves' -- each thinking toward others' needs.


When God became Man vs6-8

  • Jesus      was equal with God, but willing to surrender appropriate state.
  • He became      a servant -- emptied 1st of self & pride -- enter human state.
  • Why      take human form? to die -- not just any death - but by crucifixion.


The Servant Mind:

  • Why am      I here? For what purpose did God create me and redeem me?
  • NT      servants: Paul, Peter, James, Jude, John, Epaphras, Moses, Angels.
  • Dedicated      to serve: my highest purpose to tend to needs of others.


Name Above All vs9,10

  • Bestowed:      in honor of His supreme service. Restored to His Divine state.
  • Named:      Lord of All, Conquering Hero, King of kings, Master Commander!
  • Every      knee and tongue -- bow in recognition, speak in agreement & praise.


This Glorifies God: to know and honor the Messiah by sharing His servant mind.


notes by David Teel Wednesday, June 11, 2014