God Bless Good Fathers

God Bless Good Fathers!


Why the Lord Trusted Abram: Gen18.19


Where Have All the Fathers Gone?

  • Men shirk leadership at home >> seed      anarchy in society (Ex20.6).
  • Divorce judges, by default, grant custody of      children to Mom.
  • Over 1/3 of nation's kids in single-parent      homes. Poor fatherless kids.


Good Fathers...Have Good Wives

  • The 1st Command: "Be fruitful and      multiply" (Gen1.28).
  • A bitter, disrespectful wife will breed      foolish children: Prov19.13&14.
  • Marry a crown and a fruitful vine: Prov12.4 /      Psa128.3.


Get a wife who loves God & respects her husband >> good children.


Dad is a Real Man

  • Good, hard-working men provide for family:      Prov13.22.
  • Through respect for God, give them shelter:      Prov14.26.
  • Walk honest, brave, upright -- model of      maturity: Prov20.7.


Good fathers and their children - proud of each other! Prov17.6


Wisdom for Raising Children

  • Delight in your children -- and train them:      Prov3.11,12
  • Seek their blessing -- for many generations:      Prov4.1-4
  • Loving them -- is hard at times -- but leads to      life: Prov13.24 / 22.6


We must show our children who God is -- Heb12.5-11.


Fathers are Spiritual Leaders

  • Job was a priest for his family (Job1.4,5) /      Moses: "teach" (Dt6.7)
  • Elders and deacons must guide their family      well (1Tim3.4,5,12)
  • Nothing makes Dad's day as children living in      truth (see3Jn4)


First, Honor Your Father in Heaven

  • A real man honors and serves the LORD. First,      He trains you up!
  • Then, you can be a good example and trainer to      your children (Eph6.4).
  • Be their mentor in humility, repentance, and      obedience to Jesus.


Now, that's leaving a legacy for your children.


God, the Father, yearns for His wayward children to come home (Lk15.20-24)


notes by David Teel Saturday, June 14, 2014

special thanks to Mark Driscoll, Seattle WA