How to be Saved

How to be Saved


The LORD God saved Israel from the Egyptian army (Exo14.1-4, 10-14, 30)


What does "Saved" mean?

Lost VS found (Lk15.6,9,24) / dead VS alive (Jn5.25)

Enemies: Psa18.3 / 44.7 / 106.10

In Peril, Danger VS safe, saved: Ax27.20,31 (2Thess2.10 / Jas4.12 / Jd5)


Salvation is God's Business

"Happy are you, O Israel! ... a people saved by the LORD..." (Deut33.29)

"Restore us, O LORD God of hosts! ...that we may be saved!" (Psa80.3,7,19)

"Salvation belongs to the LORD!" (Jonah2.9)


Jesus Saves

Promise of the Prophet: Call on the name of the LORD (Joel2.32)

"knowledge of salvation ... the forgiveness of their sins" (Luke1.77)

To Save US -- He could not save Himself (Mt1.21 / Mark15.30&31 / Jn12.27)


Not for Everyone:

"The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved." (Jer8.20)

"Who can be saved?" (Mat19.25) / "will the saved be few?" (Luk13.23)

Must 1st recognize I am in danger (Mt8.25)


The Question:

ACTS2.37 <why did they ask?< vs34-36 / The Answer: vs38&39

16.30 <why did he ask?< vs25,26,29 / The Answer: vs31-34


Things Required for Salvation

  • Words: Jn5.34 / Ax11.14 / 13.26 / 1Ths2.16 / Jas1.21
  • The Gospel:      Rom1.16 / 1Cor1.18 / 15.2 / Eph1.13
  • NOT Works of the Law: Ax15.1 / Gal2.16
  • The Grace of Jesus: Ax15.11 /      Eph2.5,8 / 2Tim1.9,10 / Tit3.5
  • Faith: Ax16.30,31 / 1Pet1.9
  • Calling on His      Name: Ax2.21 / (& no other: Ax4.12) / Rom10.13
  • Repentance: Lk13.3,5      / 2Cor7.10
  • Baptism: Mk16.16 / 1Pet3.21
  • Works: Phil2.12 / Jas2.14,18,22 > Yourselves: Ax2.40 / 1Tim4.16
  • Love of truth: 2Ths2.10
  • Enduring to the      End: Mat10.22 / 24.13

Every element of deliverance required to make the whole complete (cfHeb6.9)


And He continues to save us: Rom5.9,10

Now is the Time: 2Cor6.2


notes by David Teel Sunday, July 13, 2014