Agree on Terms

Agree on the Meaning of Terms

When we talk to unbelievers it is important to agree on the definitions of the words we use. If we look at the word theory scientists have a different definition than the average person. Scientists define theory as a well-substantiated explanation of data, not something not proved. Look at Einstein's Theory of Relativity or Newton's theory of Gravity. When we look at the theory of evolution it would be better to state it differently.

1. Evolution is the idea that life came from non-life and evolved into a single cell and that evolved into everything else. We would call that unsubstantiated or conjecture.
2. Observational science is science that is repeatable in an experiment. It is the here and now. Water is H2O. Put two hydrogen atoms with one oxygen atom and you get water.
3. Historical science looks at the past and makes observations. Archeology is a historical science. Paleontology is a historical science.  Evolution is a historical science where they try to take observational science and apply it to the past.
4.  Legal historic evidence is from eye witnesses. If I observe a bank robbery and get called as a witness I would tell what I saw. This is the kind of evidence used in history and in the courts. You cannot scientifically prove George Washington was the first president because it is not repeatable as an experiment. We rely on the witness of history. When asks us to prove Jesus walked on this earth scientifically the question is illogical.

When we talk to unbelievers always make sure you are on the same page as they are on the definitions of words.

In Christ,