Taking Hold of Our Salvation

Taking Hold of Our Salvation


We insist on owning what we want. Good business to own a problem & solve it.


Take Hold of Eternal Life! 1Tim6.12,19

epilambanomai = to seize, catch, lay hold on, take hold of

  • As      when Jesus caught Peter from sinking in the lake (Mt14.31)
  • As      when Paul was apprehended by officials (Ax21.30,31)
  • As      LORD God took Israel      by the hand to deliver them (Heb8.9)


Taking Faith Personally

  • Moses'      admonition: Dt5.1-3 'not with      our fathers, but with us...'
  • Examples      of Moses & Caleb & Joshua (Josh14.8&9 / 24.14,15)
  • "God      has no spiritual grand-children." / 'Born of God' (1Jn5.1,4)


Make God Your Own

  • "My      God" - 56x / 1/3 occur in the Psalms (prayers and praise)
  • David's      Song of Deliverance: 2Sam22.2&3,7,22,29,30,47
  • Nehemiah      petitioned his God: 2.8,12,18 / 5.19 / 7.5 / 13.14,22,29,31

The LORD God is willing to make us His own (Isa43.1).


Holding On for Dear Life

  • Jacob      wrestled with a man of God: "I will not let you go..." (Gen32.26)
  • Ruth      insisted on accompanying Naomi home to Judah (Ruth1.15-18)
  • Elisha      would not leave his mentor Elijah until he was taken (2Kgs2)


Result of Taking Hold

  • Seeking      God and truth in His Word
  • Praying      to and Thanking Him Daily
  • Living      in and Encouraging Rightness


Press On to Attain

  • "To      know Christ. To know Him" (Phil3.8,10)
  • "To make      it my own. Christ has made me His own" (v12)
  • "Press      on to the prize of God -- in Christ" (vs13-14)

Paul: Follow my example - MY teaching, conduct, aim, faith... (2Tim3.10)


Take Hold to Keep Hold

  • Holding      on is a struggle, a fight, a contest (1Tim6.12 / 1Cor9.24).
  • Satan      & the world want to wrestle it from us (Eph6.12).
  • Overcome      distractions to live rich in goodness (1Tim6.17-19).


Take Hold of Real Life! Take Hold & Hold On Tight! Lay Claim to Eternal Life!


notes by David Teel Monday, July 14, 2014