Another Gospel

Another Gospel


There IS 'Another Gospel'

  • Eager to preach the true      gospel -- the power of God for salvation (Rom1.15,16)
  • Some proclaim another      Jesus, a different spirit, a different gospel (2Cor11.4)
  • Any different 'gospel'      distorts the true and brings condemnation (Gal1.6-9,11)


Counterfeit 'Gospels' are Inevitable

  • Jesus: Beware of false      prophets, dressed in sheep's clothing (Matt7.15-16)
  • Paul: men speaking twisted      things, to draw away the disciples (Acts20.29-30)
  • Peter: there will be false      teachers among you - destructive heresies (2Pet2.1)


The Social Gospel

"To reform the institutions of human society." A revolutionary social and political force.

Examples: Liberation Theology / Social Justice / Humanitarian Aid

Churches provide their own social solutions: Day Care, Education, and Health Care.

Q: Was this the life work of Jesus? What He died for? Is this mission of the church?

Jesus taught to win the heart of the individual to God. That man does his best at all roles.

Salvation that Jesus brings: deliverance from sin (Lk2.10 / 24.26,27)

The kingdom of God is not earthly or material (Jn18.36,37 / Phil3.19&20)


The Prosperity Gospel

Preaching material gain & financial 'blessing:' new job, new house, good health.

"The Word of Faith" movement / "name it and claim it" / belief in "faith-force"

"Biblical seed harvest:" 'send usyour seed offering!' We'll send prayer cloth & coins.

In fact, we are promised persecutions and tribulations in this life (Jn16.33 / 2Cor6 & 11)

Standing up for the true gospel involves shame and suffering in this world (2Tim1.8)


The Entertainment Gospel

Called "Seeker Services" -- large church events designed to draw crowds

High tech audio and video >> Rock Band Worship >> Night Club Churches

Famous preacher in San Antonio: "You've got to do something to reach them."

Should the church cater to our appetite for entertainment? convenience? food & fun?

The shame of a church fostering a religion of selfishness (2Tim3.2-5)!


What is Wrong with Another Gospel?

  • They      distract us with allurements and false standards, keeping us from grace.
  • People      convinced they do good, while Jesus does Not know them (Mt7.21-23).
  • Why      accursed? Leads us astray, down the broad way that leads to destruction.


The Unchanging Gospel

  • The word of truth, the      gospel of your salvation (Eph1.13)
  • Entrusted with the gospel      - not to please man, but God (1Thess2.4)
  • The      eternal gospel to proclaim to all those who dwell on earth (Rev14.6)


notes by David Teel Saturday, August 02, 2014