Life from Non-Life?

Thoughts from the Road


Our non-believing friends like to accuse us of not believing in science, while they affirm that evolution is a proven scientific fact. Actually, it is more of an idea, an unsubstantiated conjecture. Evolution is a one legged stool with a broken leg. To believe in evolution you have to believe that life came from non-life. This is sometimes called "partials to people" or better just "from goo to you." Remember the story of evolution is that life started as a single cell - and then all that lives somehow came from that.

I always ask if there is any observable scientific evidence that life came from non-life. The truthful answer is "No." In fact, one of the primary tenets of biology is that life comes from life. Many evolutionists try to say that this principle has nothing to do with evolution. They say their story is about "abiogenesis," life coming from non-life partials. Their distinction is disingenuous because life from non-life is the very definition of general evolution.

So, our non-believing friends still have to meet the challenge of producing life from non-life by science. Just insist on this point. Make them do it!

From the Road... and In Christ,