Vine and Branches

Vine and Branches -- John15

Leaving the upper room, walking thru Kidron, passing vineyards on the way...


Vine & Vinedresser


1 I AM the Vine

            LORD's vine: Israel (Isa5 / Jer2.21 / Psa80.8f). Maccabean coin & temple gate.

Jesus, the genuine, real (1.9 / 6.32 / 17.3) -- the essential Vine.

            The vine-planter, the vineyard owner, who reaps and drinks (1Cor3.9)

2 Hardship as Pruning (Heb12.3-11)

Every off-shoot of the vine -- either superficial or genuine.

The Fruitless: judged severely - cut clean off, completely removed.

Goal of pruning: fruit-bearing, keep on bearing, & even more.

3 Another pruning hook:

Jesus' Word: spoken now, later written -- to cleanse, purity (Jn13.10&11).

Branches purged: cleared of dead twigs & wasteful suckers.


Abiding in Jesus


4 Vitality IN the Vine

Mutual, vital, spiritual connection with Jesus must be maintained.

A separated branch draws no nourishing sap from the vine.

A separated branch is fruitless: cannot support itself -- much less fruit.

5 Connected -- Certain to bear much fruit

            Again: I Am the Vine. Now: You are Branches.

            Meaning: stay, continue, dwell, endure, remain present.

The Promise: fruit (vs2a&4) > more fruit (v2b) > much fruit (v5b).

6 Disconnected -- sure bareness & consumption

(Described in Eph2.12 "no hope -- w/o God").

We have the right to depart, not abide -- may appear as tho connected.

Vineyard fires: lopped off, thrown out, & burned! > certain destruction.


Fruitful Relationship


7 Blessing of true communion: conversation

His message, the truth, conveys his mind to us (Jn8.31 / 1Cor2.16).

            You Listen: My words remain in you. Compare Col3.16 & Eph5.18.

            I Listen: Prayer as you should & it shall be done (1Jn5.14&15).

8 Proof of discipleship: Much Fruit (Gal5.22 / Eph5.9)

            Unity of mind and will >> fruitfulness in Jesus

            This honors God. The Father greatly pleased that we fulfill the plan.

            Keep on Bearing fruit -- so you may Fully Become disciples.

9-10 Share heavenly love -- by keeping his word

            Stay, continue, endure, remain in the Love of Christ.

His love poured into our hearts by the Spirit given to us (Rom5.5).

Manifested by Doing as Jesus instructs -- this pleases the Father.

11 Joy complete -- as love comes full circle

Why have I expounded these things to you? To instill my mind...          

Suffering and death come upon Me. Yet, this is My joy & Father's love.


notes by David Teel Monday, June 09, 2014